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Home Sewers and EnMart

15th April 2008

Home Sewers and EnMart

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Recently we have had e-mails from people telling us that they would love to purchase the Iris thread that we sell.  These potential customers do embroider, but they do not have a tax i.d. number, which means they are not commercial embroiderers.  As I said in a recent post our present agreements with Hilos Iris require that we sell only to licensed commercial embroiders.  That is why, when you place your first order, we call to confirm that you do have a tax i.d. number and a company name.

Although are current agreements require that we sell only to commercial clients, we are in the process of developing separate agreements that will allow us to sell to home sewers, or retail clients, as well.  We are currently in the process of developing a web site and online store aimed at our potential retail customer base.  This site will offer items in smaller quantities than on our commercial site.  We hope to have the site online and functioning by the beginning of the summer.

If you are a home sewer and are interested in purchasing our thread or other products,  we would be happy to notify you when the retail store is open for business.  Just contact us and ask to be added to our retail notification list.

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