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Holiday Thread Palettes a Great Bargain

19th January 2009

Holiday Thread Palettes a Great Bargain

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Although it seems like Thanksgiving and Christmas make up the major holiday season, there are a lot of holidays in the first part of the year.  February brings Valentine’s Day.  March ushers in St. Patrick’s Day.   Easter shows up in April or May.   If you sell holiday embroidery, you may need a lot of holiday specific colors this time of year.  EnMart wants to help you save money on your holiday embroidery,  which is why we created EnMart Thread Palettes.  These are groups of thread oriented around a specific theme, and sold at a discount price.  If you do a lot of holiday themed embroidery, these thread palettes will save you money!

Our thread palettes are made up of 5500 yard cones of Iris Ultrabrite polyester thread.  Each palette is organized around a specific theme or color family.   In addition to the Holiday Palettes,  we also offer Nature Thread Palettes, Shades of Color Thread Palettes and other thread palettes grouped around a specific event or theme.  Our Baby Gift Thread Palette and our Metallic Thread Palette are especially popular.

At a time when the economy is causing many people to tighten their belts and scale back their spending,  it helps to find a bargain on embroidery thread you can use.   All EnMart thread palettes are composed of our standard Iris thread, and are made up of quality colors, not a list of colors that most people would not use.  We also clearly tell you what you get before you make your purchase.  There’s no grab bag element, where you pay a reduced price and take a chance on getting a color or two you might use.   You’ll know what you’re getting before you buy, which will help you make sure your purchase will be of benefit.

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