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Holiday Embroidery

3rd July 2012

Holiday Embroidery

If you live in the United States,  you know that tomorrow is Independence Day.    A lot of embroidery design companies have been offering their patriotic designs in honor of this holiday for a while now.     EnMart offers a red, white and blue Fourth of July thread palette.    We also carry embroidered American flag patches with white or gold borders.    As lovely as these items are,  however,  the fact remains that those who do holiday themed embroidery are already looking beyond the Fourth of July to what comes next.    If you’re one of those embroiderers,  EnMart does have items to offer for other holiday themed embroidery.

HALLOWEEN – Scary witches, goblins or tombstones can come to life with our Halloween Thread Palette.  Consisting of six Halloween specific colors,  from Ectoplasm (Bright Green) to Jack-o-Lantern (Orange)  this palette will help you embroider many Halloween related designs.    EnMart also carries Puft 3D Embroidery Foam,  which can help make your ghosts and ghouls stand out.    For those who want personalized trick or treat bags,  you could order EnMart’s sublimated patches with a Halloween themed design and then double sublimate them with each trick-or-treater’s name.

THANKSGIVING – Turkeys and Pilgrims will love our Thanksgiving palette which contains 6 5500 yard cones of Iris Thread as well as one mini cone each of gold and silver metallic.   Whether you’re embroidering an autumn table runner for the Thanksgiving table,  or cute tea towels with a Thanksgiving theme,  this palette will be of help.

CHRISTMAS – Christmas may be the ultimate embroidery holiday,  since there are so many gifts that can be embroidered.   EnMart’s Christmas Thread Palette will get you the basic colors you need for Christmas themed embroidery,  plus gold and silver metallic thread to add that special shine.  If you’re embroidering gifts,  you may want to look at our variegated thread which can add a pop of color and uniqueness to any design.   For those who have an embroiderer in their life who needs a Christmas gift,  don’t forget the Iris thread kits.

Whether you’re embroidering a ghost or a ghoul,  a turkey or a teepee,  a Christmas tree or a Christmas gift,  it is likely that EnMart has the supplies you need.   Make sure you bookmark our store and check back often.  We add new items on a regular basis.

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