22nd May 2012

Growing EnMart

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One of the challenges of growing a business is figuring out how to grow it in the right way.    We all know about companies that have expanded beyond their core competencies or products and paid the price for it.    There are also, however, companies that sell a wide variety of products and have done very well.   It’s all in how you go about it,  and about whether or not the choices made are handled properly and make sense for both the company and its customers.

At EnMart,  one of the things we’ve always been firm about is the fact that we don’t want to be the company that sells everything and knows nothing about what we sell.   Our current product offerings are items that we use every day and understand.   We know how much of a problem inferior thread can be,  or how much difference the right weight and type of backing can make to a stitch out  because we’ve embroidered countless items over the years.   We understand the frustration of an image that gets blown out or the problems inferior sublimation paper can cause because we’ve dealt with those issues ourselves.   We’ve been where you are,  and we understand the joys and frustrations that come with running an embroidery or sublimation business.

That said,  we also know that expanding into new markets is one way to keep EnMart growing.    We’ve considered carrying rhinestones and supplies for rhinestoning.   We briefly looking into carrying direct to garment printers.   There has been talk of vinyl and associated products as well.  If we do expand into something with which we are not personally familiar,  my guess is that we’ll do it by forming alliances with companies that are familiar with the products and do handle and use them daily.   While we want to expand into new markets,  we also want to preserve the commitment to education and experience that has always been a hallmark of EnMart.   One way to continue to maintain our level of hands on expertise is to find allies or partners who can fill in the gaps in our knowledge.

In the end,  our main commitment is to you, our customers, and serving you in the best way we can.   Part of the reason that I wrote this post was to ask what you think about us expanding into new markets, and how you would like to see us do that.   If you have any thoughts on this subject, please share them in the comments.   We would love to know what you think.

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  1. 1 On June 8th, 2012, Scott O said:

    You might want to review your USPS Priorty Mail guidelines. The flat rate “it fits, it ships” limits are 70 pounds. They will even provide free boxes. This is a great way to provide quick quality shipping at an affordable price.

  2. 2 On June 8th, 2012, kristine said:

    Hi Scott,

    We are aware of the if it fits it ships guidelines, but a lot of our heavier stuff is larger than the boxes that are available. Our weight limit still allows us to ship a wide variety of products.

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