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From Both Sides Now

8th July 2010

From Both Sides Now

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I’ve been seeing a lot of talk on some of the embroidery and sublimation forums lately about customer service.  Sometimes the post are written to compliment a company that has given great customer service or gone the extra mile to satisfy a customer request.  Other times they’re written to complain about a company that has gotten something wrong,  or that hasn’t resolved a problem in a timely and satisfactory manner.  A customer who has an opinion about a company, either positive or negative,  has a louder voice than ever before,  and a much bigger audience.   Complaints can also now be registered instantly,  and sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment that may be regretted later.  As always,  there are two sides to every story.

As Director of Marketing and Customer Service for EnMart,  I see both sides now.  On one hand I’m a customer and I get as frustrated as anyone else would when my order ships wrong,  ships late or arrives damaged.  I’ve paid my hard earned money for something and I want my order to arrive when I need it, where I need it and in the excellent condition.   When that doesn’t happen,  it upsets me.   That’s only natural.

On the other hand,  I also know all the things that can go wrong from the supplier’s end.  Computer glitches.  Bad product from one of the shipper’s  suppliers.   Incorrect delivery by the package delivery service.  Simple human error.  There are a million small things that can happen,  any one of which could keep an order from being filled and delivered smoothly.

Mind you,  I’m not making excuses here.  When any of us pay our money and make a purchase,  we’re placing our trust in the company from which we ordered.    We expect that our order will arrive in a timely fashion and will be correct, and in a perfect world it always would.  The problem is that we don’t live in a perfect world.

Mistakes will happen.  Errors will be made.  Murphy’s Law says that, at some point,  package A will be shipped to address B and someone will open a box of something they didn’t order.   As much as some people, including a sort of control freak like me hate to admit it,   we can’t control every aspect of the process.  All we can do is strive for perfection,    and work out how we’ll handle an issue should one arise.

With that in mind,  I wanted to ask what processes for handling problems do the rest of you have in place?  If you have your own story of an order that went awry, whether you were the purchaser or the supplier,  tell us in the comments how the situation was handled,  and if there was anything that should have been done differently.  Handling a problem can be one of the hardest things a business has to do,  and sharing our experiences here can help us all learn.

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