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Friday Blog Round-Up 7/10/15

10th July 2015

Friday Blog Round-Up 7/10/15

Happy-Friday-Carnival-FIHappy Friday everyone!   Since I promised you two Friday Blog Round- Up posts a month,  I figured it was time I got one done.   Luckily,  I can always find good content to share in these posts.

First up is a post from the Designs in Machine Embroidery blog about how to stay relevant in the marketplace.   It discusses some resources for finding new customers,  and some ideas for what you can sell those customers.    Staying relevant and thinking about events that are coming up  – back to school,  off to college,  for which your customers might need or want the goods you can make is key.    This is a good reminder that we always need to be aware of what’s happening around us.

Second on the list is a post from Joyce Jagger which details 9 ways to sink your decorated apparel business  and gives you tips on avoiding these hazards.   One of my favorite pieces of advice from this post is when she talks about not depending on a small pool of customers.   One of the reason EnMart is constantly adding new products and reaching out to new markets is because we want the broadest customer base possible.   It’s good advice for any business – don’t put all your eggs in one basket,  because if that basket fails,  it’s your bacon that’s in the fire.

Third at bat is a post from Erich Campbell about why smaller customers and smaller orders matter.    I was just having a conversation with an EnMart customer this morning on this very topic,  so this post is very applicable.     Erich makes several good points in this article,  but the one that really struck home with me is the point that you never know who,  or what,  is behind a small order.    Yes,  small orders might be annoying or a pain at times,  but they can also be the path to big orders.    This is a terrific post,  and a great way to think about what some companies might consider an imposition.

Fourth on the docket is a post from Sadia Sews about multi-hooping.   Since I would probably have trouble lining up one design,   I’m in awe of people who can stitch out multiple designs and have their line up properly.    This is a nice tutorial on one way to make that happen.

Fifth in the queue is a post from the Stitchworks blog listing some dos and don’ts when it comes to press releases.   In my opinion,  press releases are a publicity tool that many small businesses overlook.     This post offers a lot of good tips for a businessowner who may be writing their first press release.    My two favorite tips are the one about not sending your release to everyone – having worked at television stations and newspapers in the past I can tell you from personal experience how annoying that is,   and the one about making sure the photos you include with your release are high quality and suitable for print.    There are several great tips here so you should check this post out.

Finally,  we have a post from John Morgan about six things on which business owners should stop focusing.   While some of what he says seems counter-intuitive to most business advice that’s out there,  his advice really does make sense.    I especially like the advice about being a trendsetter,  not focusing on staying up with current trends,  and the reminder that we all need to stop focusing on our fears.


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