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Friday Blog Round – Up 5/13/11

13th May 2011

Friday Blog Round – Up 5/13/11

First up today,  we have Kathleen Fasanella’s post “How to Motivate Yourself with Envy“.  Although she does talk in the post about envy being a motivator for competition,  she also discusses something I feel strongly about,  which is the idea that companies in competition can benefit more by supporting each other than they can by fighting each other.   Obviously there is proprietary information that must be protected,  but there are also a lot of benefits to working in harmony with your competitors.  Ultimately,  as Kathleen points out,  working together can benefit the consumers, which ends up benefiting the companies as well.

Second this week,  we have 4 heat pressing tips for beginners from Stahls.   I like this post because it sounds very like something I would write.   I too, need to be reminded that a heat press is hot and I shouldn’t touch it.  I also get impatient waiting for cold peel transfers to cool.   I also really want to know what occurred during the great Cheez Whiz incident of 1991,  but I suppose that would be a story for another post.  This post has some good tips for heat press newbies delivered in a humorous way, so I’d recommend reading it if you’re just learning how to use a heat press.

Third up,  we should all congratulate Odd Guy Art on their one year anniversary.   A lot of startup companies don’t get to that point,  and any company that does is surely doing something right.   Plus, I’m told,  there may be some new shirt designs in the offing.   Congratulations Graham and Marie on creating a great company with a quirky sense of humor and some terrific designs.

Fourth on the docket today was have another congratulations to Robin Wilson of Robin’s Edge.  She recently received an SBA award.   She has been a force for good in the Buffalo business world,  and is also very inspiring on Facebook and Twitter.   I also love her attitude about receiving this award.  I think it shows a lot of grace and class.

Fifth at bat today is Urban Threads, which is having a coloring contest.  This is a cool idea,  and it’s made even more fun because the judges are my colleague Erich Campbell and Mr X Stitch,  who writes a fabulous embroidery and needlecraft blog.   The contest looks like it will be a lot of fun,  and I can’t wait to see what everyone produces.

Finally, I wanted to point out that I have a new post up at Stitches.  This time around I’m talking about working with local media.  I make my own suggestions for how best to do that,  but I’d also like to hear yours.  If you have an idea or technique you’d like to share,  please leave a comment over on the blog.


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