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Friday Blog Round-Up 3/11/11

11th March 2011

Friday Blog Round-Up 3/11/11

First up today is a terrific (and useful) post from Black Duck Inc.  It’s about creating headwear designs that stand out.   Over the years I’ve learned that there is a lot more to turning out a great piece of embroidery than most people would think,  and Erich has pointed out several things that will help take your headwear embroidery from blah to outstanding.  If you embroider caps,  or want embroidery headwear for your business,  this is a must read post.

Next up we have a funny post from Odd Guy Art.   Although I’d like to think winter is almost over,   the snow that came down yesterday and the snow that is supposed to come down this weekend would beg to differ.  Given that winter seems to be holding on,  I love the ideas in this post about how to sell shirts in winter.  I think I’d opt for the sultry leopard shirt myself.

Third on the docket today, we have a post from Robin’s Edge.  She asks a question that I ponder on occasion, is losing fans a bad thing? I think we sometimes get so focused on getting customers and getting business and getting fans or followers that we forget that not every customer or fan or follower is a keeper.  You want to keep the people that will buy from you,  or who will interact with your posts and can be motivated to do things when you ask.  You don’t necessarily want to keep the people who are just there for a give away or who are terribly high maintenance but offer little return on your investment of time and effort.    This post gives you a lot about which to think.

Fourth up today,  and continuing the theme that Robin started,  we have a post from John Morgan called “Why It’s O.k. to Have Haters“.  I’m a huge fan of posts (and blogs) that talk common sense about branding and marketing, and this post does just that.  It’s a reality that not everyone will like you.  In fact,  if you’re so bland that you’re not upsetting someone, somewhere,  you’re probably not that interesting.   Plus, as John points out,  you don’t want everyone to be a fan,  you want the right people to be fans.   This post is right up my alley, folks,  and definitely worth a read.

Finally,  we have a post from Peter Shankman about living the life you want to live.  Due to some reoccurring health issues I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the kind of life I want to live.   What Peter’s post basically says is that anyone can live the life they want if they’re willing to change how they think.   Most of us have more options than we think we do.   This post is a good reminder of that.


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