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Friday Blog Round-up 2/4/11

4th February 2011

Friday Blog Round-up 2/4/11

In what seems to be becoming a trend for this series,  we start off with Kathleen Fasanella and Fashion Incubator.  This week she’s writing about mistakes people make on their About pages.   She’s got some good tips.   I especially like tips 4 and 8.   If you’re working on your website,  or thinking about giving it a revamp,  check out this blog post first.  It will give you some things about which to think.

Next up we have a challenge from the Stahl’s ID Blog.  Danielle Petroskey is challenging everyone who owns a business to take 30 minutes each day to market that business.   I like this challenge and think it’s a good one.  When you own and run a business it’s easy to forget the small tasks that help get your business recognized.   Moving marketing to the forefront for 30 minutes a day is a great way to start the marketing habit.

Third on deck today is a post from Nicole at Retail Minded.   Selling wholesale is a dream for many small business owners,  but how do you know if you’re ready to take that step.   Nicole offers a checklist of questions that will help you determine whether or not your ready to take the step of becoming a wholesaler.

Fourth in the batting order today is a post from Seth Godin about what is unreasonable.  I like Seth’s posts because they make me think.   This one is no exception.  What will you do that is unreasonable today?

Fifth up today is a post about customer service from a blog called CustomerLove.   I adore this post.  It targets all the points that I try to make about what good customer service should be,  and what often is called good customer service but isn’t.    If you run a business,  you need to read this post.

Finally,  I just wanted to remind everyone that the NNEP Conference in Columbus, Ohio is coming up in about a week and a half.   EnMart will be there in booth 326 and 327.   If you’re going to the show, please do stop in and visit us.  If you’re not going to the show and you’re in the area,  why not?

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