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Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

28th January 2009

Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

Every once in a while I like to throw out a little Marketing jargon just to prove that I can speak the lingo if I have to do so.  Today the piece of jargon I want to throw out is this:  USP or unique selling proposition.

Basically your USP is the thing or things that makes your company and your services different from other businesses in your market.   Finding your USP and making sure your customers know about it can be very beneficial for your business.  After all, your unique selling proposition may be what causes a customer to decide to work with you over another embroidery business.

Every business has a USP, the trick is finding it.  To determine what the USP is for your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is unique about my business?  What do I do that no one else does?
  2. What of the items listed as answers to question 1 are most important to my customers?
  3. How will the unique qualities of my business benefit my customers?
  4. How can I communicate my USP in a meaningful and easy to understand way?

Keep in mind that a USP has to be concrete and connected to solving a customer’s problems or relieving their pain.  “The Best Embroidery Shop in the World” might sound like a great claim to make, but it isn’t necessarily believable or a slogan with which customers can connect.  When you’re letting customers know about your USP, it has to be something in which they can believe and something that is easy to remember.  Fancy slogans don’t necessarily do the job.  Keep it simple, concise and to the point.

Finally, the main thing to remember is that your USP must be about what you can do for your customers, not about how long you’ve been in business or how many machines you have.  The goal of a Unique Selling Proposition is to make your business stand out in the minds of your customers.  To do that, your USP has to focus on what your business can do for your customer, not the other way around.

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