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Favorite Posts of 2010

27th December 2010

Favorite Posts of 2010

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As of this morning,  I have written and published 389 posts on this blog.    I don’t claim that all of them were stellar,  but all of them were written, and that counts for something.   Since this blog started in October of 2007,  I’ve written about a lot of things related to the world of EnMart and machine embroidery.  Since the last week of the year is traditionally a time to sum up the year that is almost past,  I thought today would be a good day to point out some of my favorite posts from 2010.

I think one of the goofiest, and trickiest, posts I wrote this year was the Alphabet of EnMart.   It started out as a joke on our Facebook page,  and eventually I knew I had to try it.    Poetry has never been my best talent,  but it was fun trying to come up with rhymes and deciding what aspects of EnMart I’d spotlight.   I think the end result is funny and unique.

One of the most fun,  at least for me,  things about 2010, was that I was able to spotlight other blogs and bloggers that I enjoyed.   The Friday Blog Round-Up made its debut in February and became a regular Friday feature.   I’ve always been a big advocate of helping other bloggers succeed,  and the Friday Blog Round-Up was a way to expose blogs and bloggers I enjoyed to a new audience.

I also did a post in February about the fact that you can’t just sell when you use social media platforms,  you have to interact.  Although  the title is a bit gimmicky, I’ve always liked what I said in the post entitled “Sell, Sell = Bye, Bye”.   I still stand by the point I made in that post.  If all you’re doing is pushing your own agenda at the expense of interacting,  you most likely won’t find your social media experience to be a happy one.

Another fun thing I started in 2010 was live blogging from trade shows.   It isn’t possible at every show,  but it is a fun way to record the experience of working a show.    I live blogged from NNEP Dublin in March  and from DAX Chicago in April.    It’s fun to go back and see a real time recollection of what was happening at each show.   I hope to be able to do some more live blogging in 2011.

2010 was also the year of the blog series.   I did one series on the basics of backing,  which talked about the different types of backing,  how to tell the quality of a backing and how different types of backing should be used.     I also did a series on embroidering specialty fabrics.   This series dealt with ways to embroider less than common fabrics.   I like doing series because I think they’re good teaching tools.

Finally, 2010 was the year of spotlighting the great work that some very talented embroiderers did with EnMart products.    We mentioned the Stitchin Chicks,  and the awesome display of embroidered garments that they had at the NNEP shows.   Erich Campbell from Black Duck Inc did an amazing embroidered falcon using our colored metallic thread that still takes my breath away.    Seeing what our customers and friends can do with EnMart products has been one of the best parts of 2010.  I can’t wait to see what gets created in 2011.

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