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Fans, Friends and Customers

24th March 2010

Fans, Friends and Customers

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EnMart has a Facebook page.   We have a Twitter feed.   Our booth and our people show up at a lot of trade shows over the course of a year.   We sponsor and have a presence on T-shirt Forums.  EnMart also, of course, has a  website.    Part of my responsibility as Director of Marketing is to make sure that EnMart is available through as many venues as possible, and that we reach out to our customers as often as possible.   We’re constantly talking, sharing information and ideas, communicating the company values, and doing everything we can to keep the lines of communication open.  Sometimes, however, I have wondered if anyone is listening to what we’re saying.

I’m not wondering so much anymore.

Last weekend we exhibited at and I attended the NNEP Embroidery Mart in Dublin, Ohio.   EnMart is a member of the NNEP and we believe in and support the organization.    During this show I found out that the NNEP members believe in and support EnMart as well.  We had current customers talking about our great products and our great service.   There were several people who stopped by our suites and told us that it had been recommended they stop in to see what we had to offer.  We even had people doing our sales work for us in the suite,  with current customers explaining to new potential customers why they liked and used our products.  It was a wonderful experience which happens at every show, and experiencing it again made me very proud of our company and our people and very grateful for our customers.

The reality of the situation is that I can talk all I want, in as many venues as I like, about EnMart’s commitment to customer service, our great products, and the values for which our company stands,  and there will be some people who will dismiss everything I say because I work for the company. The real irrefutable proof that we mean what we say is in what we do, and the clearest evidence of what we do is the fact that our current customers are willing to recommend us.

I’m grateful to everyone who has taken the time to let us, and our potential customers, know that they support EnMart. Whether it was in person at a trade show, through a comment on this blog or the SubliStuff blog,  by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter, or simply through an e-mail or phone call, we sincerely appreciate the time and effort.

It only seems right that I expend a little time and effort to say Thank You.

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