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Environmentally friendly thread

18th August 2008

Environmentally friendly thread

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It seems that, in these times, everyone is worried about their environmental impact. We all want to use products that are good for the environment and we all want to reduce our carbon footprint and the negative impact we may be making on that environment. In an effort to accomplish that goal, and to tap into a growing market for eco-friendly products, many embroiderers have begun searching for environmentally friendly products that can be used in the embroidered items they create.

If you’re searching for a thread and a thread manufacturer which are environmentally conscious, you don’t need to look any further than Hilos Iris. Their thread, both polyester and rayon, is manufactured to the highest environmental standards and the company has policies in place to ensure their manufacturing facility has as little impact on the environment as possible.

To minimize their environmental impact, Hilos Iris does the following:

  • Uses recycled water
  • Only uses chemicals and dye stuffs that are non carcinogenic and environmentally friendly
  • Treats and cleans all water before releasing it into any outside water source
  • Uses a recycled water system for heat and energy

Hilos Iris is certified as being among the lowest in the emission of dangerous substances for not only the company’s home country of Mexico, but for the entire world. The company is committed to environmentally practices and consistently searches for ways to conserve energy and avoid waste while protecting the environment.

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