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EnMart’s “How Do I” Guide

19th May 2010

EnMart’s “How Do I” Guide

Every once in a while it occurs to me that we have accumulated a lot of little tips over the years.  Most of them are just small items of information that are definitely helpful, but aren’t really large enough to sustain a full post on their own.  Eventually I’d like to put all these tips into a “How To Guide” which would be available on our website.  For today, however,  I thought I’d just include in this blog post a few of the latest hints and tips I’ve collected.  As always, if you have a “How Do I” question, please let us know.  We’ll be happy to address it.

Q1:  How do I heat seal a patch?

EnMart’s blank patches should always be heat sealed to a garment using a commercial heat press.  We do not recommend using an iron, as the seal most likely will not be as strong.  When using a heat press, set the temperature to 390 -400 degrees,  the pressure at 30 psi, and press for 12 – 13 seconds.  This should provide a strong seal.

Q2: How do I find fabric for patches?

If you do want to make patches on your own, EnMart offers a couple of options.  One is to purchase our 12 x 17 fabric sheets.   The other is to call us and request a price quote on a larger amount of fabric.  All fabric is 100% polyester and can withstand an industrial wash.

Q3:  How do I convert to Iris Thread?

The easiest way to convert to Iris Thread is to use our online thread conversion engine.   This engine allows for conversion from most popular thread brands and also allows for search by PMS colors.   If you have a large number of colors to convert,  you can also contact us for assistance.

Q4:  How do I know which bobbins I should use?

The size of bobbin your machine takes is one indicator.  Style L bobbins are smaller than Style M Bobbins.   When it comes to magnetic bobbins vs. paper sided bobbins the decision tends to rest with the person running the machine.  Some people just like magnetic bobbins better.  Others feel that magnetic bobbins don’t run well in their particular machine.   If you’d like to try a sample of our bobbins before you make your decision,  contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a couple of each to try.

Q5: How do I set up an account with EnMart?

If you are interested in setting up an account with EnMart,  you must complete a credit application.   Credit applications can be obtained from your Account Executive, or by contacting EnMart customer service.  Account applications are examined on a case by case basis.  Minimum purchase amounts may be required if account status is granted.

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