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EnMart Spotlight: New and Interesting Products

15th May 2008

EnMart Spotlight: New and Interesting Products

EnMart is always adding new products to our inventory, but it may not always be easy to know what’s new or what’s been recently added.  To help you find the latest and greatest that have been added to our site, we’re going to institute the EnMart Spotlight.  These posts will go up whenever we add a new group of products or substantially alter something that was already on the site, and will help alert you to new products that could be of use for your business.

The first product I want to mention is Super Poly Mesh Backing.  This backing is soft, sheer and translucent and is ideal for use with lightweight knits.   It is perfect for use with sheer fabrics and minimizes stabilizer show through.  You can find this product in out Backing section.

 The next group of products I want to mention are our Sprayway Sprays.   If you need to keep your equipment running smoothly, we offer Sprayway Silicone Spray.   Spots on your embroideries can be lifted with Sprayway Spot Lifter.   Sprayway Lint and Dust Remover is perfect for getting thread ends and fuzz out of your machines.  You can find these Sprayway products, and others, in our Accessories, Tools and Maintenance section.

I also wanted to let all our customers know that our Thread Palette section has been updated to show the colors of thread included in each palette.  Pantone color swatches have been added to give a representation of the thread colors included in that palette.  As always, for the best color recommendation possible we recommend you purchase a thread chart.  Due to variations in color representation by computer monitors, having an actual thread chart is the best way to be sure you’re seeing the thread colors accurately.

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