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EnMart Sponsors T-Shirt Forums

2nd July 2008

EnMart Sponsors T-Shirt Forums

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One of our goals as a company has always been to provide information and resources for machine embroiderers.  We still have plans to create our own educational materials, which will hopefully be available when our new web site is created.  We also write for industry magazines and newsletters.  Obviously, we also have this blog which we work to fill with useful information and tips.  Our hope is that the information that we provide can help our customers become more profitable and successful.  We also hope that the tips and hints we give you keep you coming back to our site.

We also recognize that there are many other valuable resources available, and we like to do what we can to help support a good resource when we find one.   One such resource that we recently discovered is T-shirt Forums.com.  This site is a great resource for anyone who embroiders, screenprints, or who sells garments in an online or brick and mortar store.  You can learn a lot here, and the forum members are always eager to provide advice and support.  

Because we think this forum is such a valuable resource, EnMart is proud to announce that we are now a sponsor of T-Shirt Forums.com.   If you haven’t had a chance to stop by this forum yet, you should, there is a lot of great information available there.  If you do stop by, keep an eye out for our posts.  We post under the screen name EnMartian.

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