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EnMart NewsBites

19th November 2007

EnMart NewsBites

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A few weeks ago, I sent out the first of what will be a series of twice monthly e-mails.  These e-mails, called EnMart NewsBites, are designed to give you information about our company and our products in short bursts.  NewsBite e-mails generally contain three items, and will direct you to different aspects of this blog, our store and our website which we think will be of interest to you.

Today’s EnMart NewsBite e-mail contained the following information:

  • Links to a blog post about working with metallic thread.  The e-mail also directed those who received it to a blog post about selecting the right needle.  If you have questions about how to use a particular product, or would like tips on how to get the most from the products you buy, please contact us and we will get a blog post written on the subject.
  • A question referencing a post I wrote earlier in the month asking what magazines people read.  I expanded it in the e-mail to include the web sites that people visit as well.
  • A link to an article on our web site detailing how Hilos Iris and EnMart are setting the benchmark for other thread manufacturers.

If you did not receive this e-mail and would like to be included in future mailings,  leave a comment here or contact me, and I will add you to the list.

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    [...] particular item.  The first series of coupons may be made available only to those who receive the EnMart NewsBites E-mail.   If you are not currently receiving that e-mail,  and would like to do so, please contact us [...]

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  3. 3 On September 10th, 2012, Vickie Tolson said:

    Please add my name to your “EnMart NewsBites E-mail” list.
    Thank you

  4. 4 On January 25th, 2014, Tammy Winstead said:

    Please add me to your “EnMart News Bites E-mail” list. Thanks!

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