4th January 2012

EnMart in 2012

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Since I didn’t put up a Happy New Year post on the actual day,  I thought I’d start out 2012 with a blog post about what you can expect from EnMart this year.   Of course,  what I write here may change in the months ahead,  and new and fabulous things that I don’t even know about right now will certainly appear,  but,  as of today,  this is what’s on tap for EnMart.

Trade Shows – Hilos Iris, manufacturer of Iris Thread and EnMart will be exhibiting at ISS Long Beach and ISS Atlantic City.   EnMart will be exhibiting and selling product at all three DAX Shows and at the NNEP functions as well.   If you will be attending any of the DAX Shows or the NNEP show in Nashville,  and would like us to have something special there for you,  please let us know.   As always,  we’re looking forward to seeing everyone and helping people learn more about embroidery and sublimation.

Videos – Instructional and informational videos are still on the agenda.  The problem right now is that someone (who also writes this blog) needs to write some scripts.   The plan is to get  some scripts written and some videos made this year.

Social Media – If you missed it,  EnMart has a Twitter feed and a Facebook page and we love having new people join us in either place.    Our social media outlets, like these blogs,  are another place where we talk to our customers,   announce new products and specials and occasionally get silly.   If you haven’t already followed us on Twitter or liked the EnMart page on Facebook, please do.   I promise it will be worth your time.

New Products – We talk about new products or new iterations of current products all the time.   Some things are in the works for 2012,  we just have to wait for all the pieces to fall into place.   I can say this,  those of you who have been asking if we carried this or that particular product,  we have been listening.

Most of all, we’re working to make 2012 the biggest and best year ever for EnMart.   We sincerely thank all of you who were customers, followers and friends in 2011, and we hope you’ll stick with us in 2012.   It’s going to be an awesome year!

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