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EnMart Extras – New Products

17th July 2015

EnMart Extras – New Products

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new product coming soonOne of the things that any company that wishes to grow needs to do is to add new products and enter new markets.   EnMart is always working to expand our product offerings,  but 2015 has been/will be a banner year when it comes to adding new products and entering new markets.   We’re very excited about what’s coming and what will be added to our website.   We hope you will be too.    Here are some things that are coming soon.

Screen Print Supplies – EnMart’s parent company, Ensign Emblem,  has a screenprint department,  so we’re familiar with screenprint.   It made sense to use that knowledge and expertise and add some screenprint items to our existing inventory.   We’re starting out with screen print test sheets in 14″ x 16″ and 16″ x 18″ in blank and white.    We’re also planning to add spray adhesives and screen openers and other screenprint related products as well.   We’re currently in negotiations with well known suppliers and hope to have additional products in the screenprint area to offer to you soon.

Craft thread and hand embroidery supplies – Hilos Iris,  the company that manufactures the machine embroidery thread we carry,   also makes craft thread, perle cotton and floss for hand embroidery.   We’re excited to be able to offer these products to our customers as well.    This is another area in which we’re also connecting with other suppliers to bring in tools and accessories that will be useful when crafting or doing hand embroidery.

Additional quilt thread colors – Hilos Iris is planning to bring out 12 new solid color quilt threads in 2015.   We’ve been working on putting color choices together and finding swatches of the right colors to send for dye testing.   We’re excited to be expanding our quilting thread palette with these additional solid colors.  And yes,  for those who have been asking,  we are working on seeing if it is possible to get some additional variegated colors as well.

Embroiderable stuffed animals – Cubbies and Embroider Buddies are well known names in the industry.   EnMart is excited to announce we now will be carrying both lines.   We will also be working with some friends of EnMart to create some new designs and potential new uses for these adorable embroiderable animals.   The animals will also be available in our trade show booths at the 2016 shows.

New products, or products we’re considering adding to our store will always be announced on social media and here on this blog.   If you have a suggestion for something you think we should carry,   you can leave it on our Facebook pageTwitter feed,  or in the comments on any post from this blog.


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