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Embroidery for the Holidays

5th October 2011

Embroidery for the Holidays

While it seems impossible that it is already October,  the leaves are turning,  the mornings are getting crisper and cooler,  and the holiday season lurks right around the corner.  For those who sell things they embroider,  or who make their own holiday gifts,  this is definitely the time of year to pull out all the stops.   If you’re looking to create that perfect one of a kind embroidered holiday offering,  EnMart has some supplies that we think can be of help.

Metallic Thread – Sparkle is supposed to be a trend this year,  and our metallic thread has lots of it.    Whether you’re looking for classic gold and silver,  or color that shines,  our metallic thread is high quality and easy to run.   It’s the thread that inspired love even in those who dislike metallic thread.   It’s also the thread that was used to create this and this.  If you want to add some flash to your holiday gifts,  give our metallic machine embroidery thread a try.

Badgemaster – Lacy ornaments are sure to dress up any tree and they make a great memento or stocking stuffer.   If you want to create one of a kind embroidered ornaments this year Badgemaster should be your backing of choice.   This water soluble film can be machine embroidered directly, and the excess film can be dissolved with water,  leaving behind only the embroidered design.

Thread Palettes – Everyone knows that certain colors are associated with certain holidays.   Black and orange bring out the Halloween in us all.   Thanksgiving features the rust color palette of Fall.   Christmas is all about red, green and gold.   If you do a lot of embroidery for a specific holiday,  our thread palettes can save you money on thread,  while providing you with the colors you need for your holiday designs.



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