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Embroidery Dictionary: Denier,Tenacity and Elasticity

5th November 2008

Embroidery Dictionary: Denier,Tenacity and Elasticity

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There are a lot of terms specific to the machine embroidery world.  Today I want to talk about two of them, denier and tenacity.   Both have to do with machine embroidery thread, like Iris thread, so it seemed that discussing what those terms mean would be a good idea.

Let’s start with tenacity.  This term defines the strength of a yarn or thread of a given size.  As a numeric measurement it is the breaking force of grams per denier unit of yarn.  When yarn or thread is tested to determine tenacity, it is generally stretched at the rate of 12 inches per minute.  Tenacity essentially equals breaking strength.

Next let’s consider denier.  This term has to do with the mass density of the thread fibers.   It is defined as the mass per grams in 9,000 meters.   Essentially denier measures the fineness of the thread.

Finally, let’s examine elasticity.   A thread’s elasticity has to do with how much stretch the thread has.  To test a thread’s elasticity, the thread is stretched until it snaps.  The more elastic a thread is, the more stretch it will withstand.

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