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Different Thread for Different Needs

31st August 2011

Different Thread for Different Needs

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Whenever we do a trade show,  someone inevitably asks me what all the different threads we display are for.   In our booth at the NNEP shows this year we had polyester machine embroidery thread,  rayon machine embroidery thread,  metallic thread,  variegated thread,  and merrow thread.   About the only thing we didn’t showcase was our monofilament thread.

Since I always seem to get asked this question at every show,  I thought it might be a good idea to do a blog post which would talk a little bit about the different threads we sell and the purposes for which they might be used.   Think of it as a guide to the threads of EnMart and hopefully a bit of help for you when you’re deciding which thread you need to buy.

First up is polyester thread.  This machine embroidery thread is available in 5500 yd king cones and 1100 yd mini king spools.   Iris UltraBrite polyester thread is durable, washfast and colorfast.  It can be bleached.   This it the thread our parent company uses to embroider emblems for industrial laundries.  It’s tough stuff but,  due to the trilobal polyester fibers used in the thread construction,  it also has a shine that many polyester threads can’t match.

Second, we have rayon thread.  Rayon used to be the standard when it came to machine embroidery thread,  and it still is for many people.   Iris Smooth N’ Silky Rayon has a deep shine and rich color,  which makes it an ideal thread for delicate embroidery.    Rayon thread must be washed and handled carefully, and is not ideal for embroidery that might be exposed to a variety of conditions.

Third we have metallic thread,  which is available in both silver and gold as well as colored metallics.   This thread is a terrific accent thread,  and will add sparkle and shine to your designs.    Unlike a lot of metallic threads,  Iris Dazzling Metallics can be sewn at normal speeds and do not require a special needle.   If you want to see how metallic thread can be used,  check out this article from Stitches Magazine about 2012 trends.     The embroidery was done by Black Duck Inc,  but the metallic thread is from EnMart.

Fourth on the list is polyester variegated thread.   Although I love the shine of our Iris polyester thread,  and the sparkle of our metallics,  variegated thread may be my favorite.   I love how all the colors mix together to form a harmonious whole on the spool.    The thread also looks terrific when sewn out as an accent for a design.    Our variegated thread is also great for quilting.

Fifth is our merrow floss.  This thread is used in a merrow machine and is what creates the colorful border around our blank patches.   I’m often asked, mostly by people who are attracted by the color and shine of the thread,  if merrow floss can be used in an ordinary embroidery machine.   My answer is generally no.  While I’ve heard people talk of trying it,  I’ve never heard of anyone doing it and, in any case,  merrow thread is designed to be run in a merrow machine.

Finally, we come to our monofilament thread,   which isn’t glamorous,  but can be very useful.  Monofilament thread is generally used in conjunction with merrow thread.   This is a great thread when you want stitches or seams to be as invisible as possible.    It can also be used when you want to add sequins or pearls or other decoration to a garment.

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