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Community in the Computer

5th August 2010

Community in the Computer

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This is a somewhat different post than what I usually write.  We had an experience recently that made me realize, yet again,  why we are on Facebook and Twitter and why I spend so much time connecting with people through those venues, forums  and our blogs.   I wanted to share that experience with you, not only to say thank you to those who helped us out in that particular instance,   but to remind all of us what social media is supposed to be about.

First I have to set the scene.   It was a hot Wednesday evening.  I was stranded in the Walgreens parking lot, with a car that wouldn’t start.  It was hot, did I mention that?  I was waiting for a tow truck that seemed like it might never come.  It was hot, in case you missed it,  and I don’t like being hot.   My evening wasn’t shaping up to be the best,  and my mood wasn’t trending toward happy either.

Anyway, to pass the time,  I was checking e-mails and Tweets on my cell phone when I received a direct message from Rodney at T-shirt Forums.   Rodney is a friend of EnMart, we are a sponsor of his forum, and we write for him occasionally,  so I thought the message might be about that.  Instead,  I opened the DM to read that someone in Orlando had just let him know that the EnMart booth had fallen over.   Catastrophe!

As it turns out,  the booth problem wasn’t a big deal.  I called our guys on the ground in Orlando,  they got the booth set to rights,  there was minimal damage and we went on to have a terrific show.  What really stands out to me about this experience is the fact that someone, I don’t know who, which is too bad because I’d like to say thank you,  saw our booth had a problem and took the time to contact someone they were fairly certain could get a message to me.   People I don’t even know, except through a forum or a social media site, were taking the time to look out for our interests.

I think, sometimes,  people get caught up in the number of fans and followers,  or the number of retweets or how many sales result from a post,  and don’t remember that the first word in social media is social.   Facebook and Twitter, forums and blogs, allow us to connect with each other,  to form relationships that exist even though we may be thousands of miles apart.   It isn’t all about making the numbers or moving the product,  social media is also about creating connections that will stretch from Orlando, where a booth fell over,  to Michigan, where a peeved Director of Marketing is sitting in her dead car in the heat waiting for a tow.

Personally,  I think this sort of community is awesome, and I’m proud and grateful to be a part of it.

P.S.:  One quick update to this post since I now know that the unknown person I mentioned above was actually Mark Bagley from www.multirip.com and www.perfecttransfers.com.  Just wanted to say thanks Mark.  Your alert was greatly appreciated.

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  1. 1 On August 5th, 2010, Rodney said:

    Sometimes I think social media can be at it’s most powerful when there’s no marketing involved. Making sales is nice and all, but I really appreciate how it connects a community of people with like minded interests.

    Great post Kristine!

    PS. It was Mark Bagley (DAGuide) from MultiRip.com that told me about your booth :)

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