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Commercial vs. Home Delivery

21st December 2011

Commercial vs. Home Delivery

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Every once in a while we’ll get an e-mail from someone who is questioning why their order was sent home delivery when they’re clearly a commercial business.   If you’re in a strip mall or a commercial building,  it may seem obvious that you’re a business,  but it isn’t always obvious for shipping purposes.  Commercial or residential designations are made by our package carriers.  For those who don’t know,  EnMart ships primarily via Fed Ex,  and the determination of whether an address is considered business or residential is made by them,  not us.

Fed Ex Ground is the traditional business delivery service.  Ground packages are typically not delivered on Saturday or after normal business hours.   Fed Ex Ground is generally a bit less expensive than a residential delivery since business deliveries are generally considered easier to make.   Most businesses have to be easily accessible and there is generally someone there during traditional business hours, and businesses generally tend to be clustered together making it simpler to make multiple deliveries in a shorter amount of time.

Fed Ex Home Delivery is the residential version of Fed Ex Ground.   Home Delivery is available on Saturday, for no extra charge, and also has delivery hours that extend beyond normal business hours.    Home Delivery is slightly more expensive than standard Fed Ex Ground,  because residential deliveries are considered a bit more difficult.   The Home Delivery option, however,  does offer more flexibility in delivery times than Fed Ex Ground.

The thing to remember is that designating who is eligible for Ground delivery and who is eligible for Home Delivery is not done by us,  but by Fed Ex.  They make the determination as to which designation a particular address receives and we simply follow the designation given.   We understand that the designation your company is given may not appear to be the right one,  but we have no control over how those decisions are made.

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