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DAX Chicago – Day 1

29th April 2011

DAX Chicago – Day 1

9:57 a.m.  Waiting for the doors to open and our first influx of visitors.  Very excited about this show.  Should be a good one.

10:16 p.m.  It’s always cool to see the variety of companies that come to this show.  So many different methods of decorating are represented.   It’s interesting to see all the things that you can do.

2:17 p.m. So, as usual,  gaps in the posts mean we’ve been busy.  It’s been a fun show so far. Selling lots of backing and thread.

2:50 p.m.  Still loving watching the wall o’ thread pull people in.  It stops people in their tracks.  I suppose it’s kind of like a thread tractor beam,  catching people and pulling them in with the beauty of the colors.

3:07 p.m.  Encore Embroidery has been running our thread all throughout the show.  Love watching it run and how easy it sews.  No thread breaks and awesome color!  The proof is in the stitching!

3:49 p.m.  Love helping people who are new to embroidery. Their eyes light up when I tell them to call anytime and we’ll help them out.   It works to everyone’s advantage when the company doing the selling uses what they sell.

4:30 p.m.  Day is starting to wind down a bit.  Good first day I think.  Love being back in Chicago and being at DAX.  These shows are always fun.

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26th March 2011

Dax Minneapolis – Day 2

9:57 a.m.  Second day of show is about to start.  Looking forward to seeing what the day brings.  We’re ready,  bring on the attendees!

10:22 a.m.  Definitely have to give a shout out to Scott and Margie Ritter.  They put on and run a great show.  Attendees and exhibitors are treated very well.  I highly recommend the DAX Shows.

12:35 p.m.  A small moment of quiet.  Best sellers today – so far anyway,  colored metallic thread, Iris poly thread and sublimation systems.  Variegated thread sold out, except for one cone, yesterday.   People love the thread!

1.43 p.m.  Still get a kick watching people get stopped by the wall ‘o thread.  Love their expressions when they see all the colors.  They get even more excited when they hear about the price and the great qualities of Iris thread.  It’s very cool.

2;30 p.m.  Show is winding down a bit.  It’s been a good show.  I’m very pleased with the last two days.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by and saw us.

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25th March 2011

Dax Minneapolis Day 1

9:45 a.m.  On the floor, all set up and waiting for the show to start.  This is always one of the most fun parts, waiting to see what the show will bring.

10:07 a.m.  The doors have opened and the first wave of attendees are coming through.  Should be a good day.

12:47 p.m.  So gaps in the blog posts mean we’ve been busy,  and boy we have been busy.  So nice hearing people say that they come back to our booth to ask questions because we’re so knowledgeable.  I love helping people out.

1.53 p.m.  Backing questions, sublimation questions, thread questions,  we get them all.  If you’re at this show, or any show we’re at,  and you have a question, come see us.  We’ll help you out whether or not you’re our customer.

2:20 p.m.  Things I’ve been hearing at the show – “A friend of mine uses Iris thread and said to come to your booth”, “We we’re earlier and came back to ask more questions because you seemed like you knew what you were doing”, “A friend met Tom Chambers at another show and said we had to come and talk with him because he knows his stuff.”  Very cool to hear all this!

3:15 p.m.  It’s a trifecta of sales today. We’ve sold thread,backing, sublimation systems, a little bit of everything.  If you need a supplier who has everything you need in one place, you need EnMart.

3.52 p.m.  It’s so fun to watch National Sales Manager Tom Paquette in action.  He always makes visitors to the booth smile,  while also answering their questions and helping to educate them.  He’s very knowledgeable and fun to listen to when he starts talking embroidery.

4:15 p.m.  The other fun one to watch is Tom Chambers.  He knows his stuff when it comes to sublimation,  and people who come to talk to him  stay in the booth to watch and learn.  The joke is that we’re going to put a “no camping” sign in the sublimation side of the booth, people stay there so long.

4;30 p.m.  It’s slowing down finally.  I think we’re seeing the end of the day trickle of traffic.  It was a good first day.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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9th March 2011

Thanks Kansas City and What’s Up Next

Well, as you can see from the post before this one,  the second day of DAX Kansas City was very busy.  My live blog for that day consisted of one post.   I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth and keep us busy,  either to make a purchase or to learn more about us, or both.    We appreciate all of you stopping by and we had a great time at the show.

My thanks also goes to Scott Ritter and his team for putting on such a great show.   As I said in my live blog from Day 1 of the show,  Scott and his team know how to do a show right,  and they treat their vendors very well.   Setting up and working a trade show can be an exhausting experience,  and little touches like box lunches and quick resolution to any problems can make things much easier.    If you are considering exhibiting at a trade show,  DAX is a good one to choose.

Now that the Kansas City show is over,  we move on to ISS Atlantic City, which is this weekend in New Jersey.  EnMart will be there in booth 742.    Our East Coast Account Executives, Andy Lezon and Bob Howlett and Frank DeRoberts,  the U.S. Sales and Marketing Manager for Hilos Iris,  will be working the booth at this show.  If you have any questions about thread  and you’re attending the show,  stop by the EnMart booth.

After Atlantic City,  it’s on to DAX Minneapolis.   We will be there March 25 – 26 in booth 407.   Our sublimation expert, Tom Chambers,  our National Sales Manager, Tom Paquette, and myself will be working that show.   Our booth will be overflowing with sublimation printers and supplies,  thread, backing, bobbins and other goodies.  If you stop by to see us at this show,  bring your wallet,  because all of the supplies in the booth are for sale.

If you want to keep up to date on where EnMart will be and when,  please keep in mind you can always see our latest trade show schedule on the front page of our web site.   The schedule is updated as new shows are added.   We love meeting new people, so please stop by and visit us if we’re in your area.

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5th March 2011

DAX Kansas City – Live Blog – Day 2

9:45 a.m. Show opens at 10.  Everything is set to go.  I love the last few minutes before a show opens.  There’s such anticipation and you get to mingle with other vendors and chat.

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4th March 2011

DAX Kansas City – Live Blog – Day 1

9:45 a.m. – First thing I have to say about the DAX Shows,  they’re nice shows to work if you’re an exhibitor.  Scott Ritter and his team are responsive to comments and concerns,  they feed you well, and the venue is nice.  Not that I want to encourage more exhibitors,  but this is a great show.

11:00 a.m.  The wall o’ thread is claiming more victims.  People are buying cones of thread right off the wall.  That’s a lot of fun to watch.

12:10 p.m.  Backing is another fun thing to sell.  People like the big rolls.  They’re a great value.

1:06 p.m.  It’s fun hearing what people currently use and what they need.  Love helping a customer find something that solves a problem.

2:42 p.m.  Our sublimation expert, Tom Chambers,  has another great show.  He’s been consistently busy and people are finding him very helpful.  It’s awesome to see him answer questions and help people out.

3:25 p.m.  Apparently I’m the backing guru now.  Can’t believe how much I’ve learned about backing.  Have to thank Randy Kocher from QST for the education.  I love that I can pass on what I’ve learned.

4:01 p.m.  And yet more Iris thread goes out the door.  People are so pleased about the price, the color selection and the shine.

4:46 p.m.  Show is coming to a close.  Very good first day.  I’m really pleased.

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9th February 2011

Advanced Preview – NNEP 2011

I’ve been talking about this for weeks now,  so most of you probably already know that EnMart will be exhibiting at the NNEP show in Ohio next week.   We will be in Suites 326 and 327,  and we have lots of fun and exciting things planned.

In Suite 326,  we’ll be talking embroidery.   Our National Sales Manager will be manning this suite and he’s got years of experience in working with thread, bobbins, patches and embroidery machines.  He knows his stuff,  and he’s always ready to offer advice.    If you’re just starting out with embroidery or are looking for some new supplies,  stop by and talk to Tom Paquette.

In Suite 327,  it’s all about sublimation.  Tom Chambers, our resident sublimation guru will be demonstrating the wonders of sublimation and ChromaBlast.    You can see printed samples,  get a look at some of the printers we offer,  and ask all the questions your heart desires.  Tom is one of the people who was instrumental in bringing inkjet sublimation to industrial laundries,  so he has years of practical sublimation experience.    If you’re starting out with sublimation,  or looking to upgrade your current set up,  or if you just need supplies,  Tom is the go to guy for sublimation.

To round out our little trio of EnMart worker bees,  there’s me.  I’ll be at the show filling in where needed.  I’ll also be live blogging, Tweeting and posting on Facebook from the show.    I’m looking forward to seeing all my NNEP buddies,  so please do stop by and say hi.

As if the three of us being at the show weren’t enough incentive to stop by our suites,  we’re also bringing a lot of inventory with us this year.   If you need embroidery supplies, we’ll have Iris Thread, backing and bobbins.  If you’re looking for sublimation supplies,  we’ll be stocking Sawgrass Inkprinterspaper and assorted blanks.   All items will carry a show discount,  with a deeper discount available for those NNEP members who spend $100 or more.   Of course, since you’re carrying the items away with you,  there will also be no shipping charges.  Buying at the show is a great way to stock up and save!

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

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13th January 2011

4 Reasons to Visit EnMart at ISS Long Beach

Most of you probably already know that EnMart will be exhibiting at ISS Long Beach next week.  We will be in booth 1655 and we’d like to invite everyone to stop by and visit us.  To entice you into stopping by,  I thought I’d list five reasons why taking the time to visit us is a good idea.

Reason 1: Great prices, great service, 4 locations – EnMart works to keep our prices reasonable and affordable.  We have a terrific customer service department,  and offer technical help as well.  We also have four locations across the United States,  so local pick-up is available in some areas,  and Ground or two-day shipping is available for many areas.   EnMart is fast, convenient and knowledgeable.

Reason 2:  EnMart West is now in California – In late 2010,  EnMart West moved from Reno, NV to Paramount, CA.   The new EnMart West location is close to Los Angeles and offers much faster shipping to residents of California, plus convenient pick-up options for those who live near LA.   If you’re looking for fast shipping and a supplier in your neck of the woods,  the new EnMart West should fit the bill.

Reason 3: Iris Thread – EnMart is the exclusive commercial distributor for Iris Thread in the United States.   Iris Thread is colorfast, washfast, durable and offers vibrant color and shine.   We also sell it at a price point that should suit most budgets.   If you’re looking for a thread that runs well and won’t break the bank,  stop by and learn more about Iris Thread.

Reason 4: We offer embroidery and sublimation supplies – More and more companies are expanding from sublimation into embroidery or from embroidery into sublimation in an effort to maximize efficiency and profit.  If you both sublimate and embroider,  EnMart is your one stop shop for all the supplies you need for both decoration disciplines.

If you will be in Long Beach next week,  please do stop by and see us  in booth 1655.   Tom and Wayne will be manning the booth and I know they are looking forward to seeing everyone at the show.

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25th August 2010

Why EnMart is a Member of the NNEP

Three years or so ago,  when EnMart was being created,  one of the things I did was look around for organizations we could join.  I knew I wanted an organization that dealt with commercial embroidery,  since we sold thread and other supplies for companies that did embroidery.  I knew I wanted an organization with a loyal membership.  I also, if I could find one, wanted an organization that held trade shows or seminars,  because that would give us an opportunity to get in front of the members and speak with them.   Finally, I wanted an organization that would support and help publicize the suppliers that were members.   Obviously,  I had some requirements back then.

After searching for a while,  I came across the National Network of Embroidery Professionals or NNEP.  EnMart became a member shortly thereafter.  That decision has been one I have never regretted.

Fast forward to today and we’ve just completed exhibiting at NNEP Embroidery Mart in Nashville.  It was a great show.  As always, the NNEP members were interested in our company,  excited by our products and eager to buy what we had to sell.   The show was set up so we could talk one on one with customers and was big enough that there was lots to see, but not so big that it would take days to walk the show floor.  After a couple of years of being an NNEP supplier member,  going to a show feels like visiting family.   The excitement and enthusiasm for the craft of garment decoration is uplifting.

There may be bigger shows,  and there may be more technique specific shows,  but I guarantee there are no better shows.  If you own a commercial embroidery company,  membership in the NNEP is a great investment.  It will also bring you discounts from many suppliers,  EnMart included.   If you’re a supplier to the commercial embroidery community,  as EnMart is,  you won’t find a more loyal group of customers than the NNEP members, and you won’t find an organization that is more supportive of its supplier members than the NNEP.

We had a great time in Columbus,  Houston and Nashville this year, and I’d like to thank all the NNEP members who stopped by to meet us at one of the trade shows and stayed to become EnMart customers.  Your support and enthusiasm for EnMart means a great deal to us and is greatly appreciated.  My thanks also goes to Jenni, Arch, Susan, Jessica and all the NNEP staff.  The NNEP is a great organization and EnMart is proud to be a part of it.

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1st May 2010

DAX Chicago – Day 2

10:00 a.m.  Doors are open and we’re starting to see people coming in.  Day 2 is starting!

10:22 a.m.  One of the issues that no one ever talks about at trade shows, getting your lead recording device to work.  Ours is being temperamental this show.

11:16 a.m.  It’s amazing how many people we’re seeing that are either doing embroidery and thinking about sublimation or doing sublimation and thinking about embroidery.  Just goes to show that being the place where people can get both is a good thing.

11:41 a.m.  One thing I will say for the DAX Shows, they feed you well.  Breakfast sandwiches, lunch and chocolate cake.   Plus they run a nice show.  What more can you ask for, really?

12;44 p.m.  SWF is in the booth right next to us.  It is fun to watch the machines run.  Of course the designs would sew out much more smoothly and look much better if they were sewing with Iris thread.

12;56 p.m.  One of the beauties of the smaller shows is that it allows you to talk to people on a deeper level.  We get to find out a lot about what they need and we get to tell them how EnMart can help them.  It’s a win/win for both parties.

1:18 p.m.  One of the great parts of having Ensign Emblem as our parent company is the fact that we have a lot of experience to share with our customers.  We can answer a lot of questions about embroidery and sublimation because we actually do embroidery and sublimation.  Not many other supply companies can say that.

1:44 p.m.  Best 50 kits going out the door!  The last few hours of any show are always the sale hours.  People have seen everything and now they know what they want to buy.

2:30 p.m. Show is starting to quiet down.  We end at 3 p.m. so people are making their last rounds.

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