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Bring Iris Quilting Thread to Your Town

15th January 2014

Bring Iris Quilting Thread to Your Town

iris-ultra-cotton-quilting-thread-LOne of the questions I’ve been answering a lot lately is the question about where Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread can be purchased.   It’s kind of a complicated question as there’s more than one factor to be considered when answering.    If you’re a retail store,  or run a long arm quilting business with a tax i.d. number,  you may purchase the Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread from us on our website.    Anyone who is not connected to a retail store,  or running a quilting business may not purchase from us directly.   This keeps us from trespassing on our retail customers’ territories,  and allows us to keep our agreements with the thread manufacturer.

So, then,  what do you do if you’re not a retail store or a quilting business with a tax i.d. and you still want to purchase the thread?   Your best option at that point would be to go to a quilt store in your area that carries the thread and purchase it there.    We are always expanding our quilt store customer base, and we’ll always be happy to let you know of any quilt stores in your area that carry Iris thread.

If there is a quilt store in your area that carries Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread,  then your problem is solved.  If not,  you can help bring the thread to your location.    If you have a favorite local quilt store that you think should carry Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread,  let us know.  Give us a call,  leave us a message on the EnMart Facebook page,  send us a Tweet,  leave a comment on this blog post,  or send us an e-mail.   When you contact us,  let us know who you are,  and give us the store information,  including location,  telephone number,  website and contact name.   When we contact the store,  we’ll let them know that you recommended they carry the thread.  Once they’ve sampled the thread,  we’re sure they’ll want to add it to their inventory,  and you’ll have a ready source of Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread nearby.  Everyone wins!

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5th June 2012

Planning Receipt Time for Orders

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a job for a customer can be determining when you’ll receive the necessary materials and allowing enough time to make sure the job can be completed by the deadline.    When you order supplies from another company, you’re at the mercy of that company’s schedule when telling your customer how long it will take to complete the order.   That’s why clearly stated shipping and turn times can be a lifesaver,  and why EnMart makes every effort to ensure our shipping and turn time policies are easy to find.  We do know,  however,  that people in a hurry may often skip what seems like boilerplate type,  so I thought I’d spell out our policies, turn times and shipping schedule so all the information would be in one easily accessible place.

In Stock Items

In stock items will normally ship the same day that the order is placed.  The official cut-off for same day turn times is 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.   EnMart will make every effort to ship from the location closest to the customer,  but reserves the right to ship from other locations as necessary.   Backorder situations will be addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.    Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays will be filled on the next business day.

Custom Items

Blank Patches

Blank patches are created when they are ordered.   Because EnMart has such a wide variety of size and color choices we do not keep any patches in stock.   Creation time for patches may take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days, depending on the production queue and the size of the order placed.   Blank patches generally ship from Michigan, which may add up to four shipping days (via Fed Ex Ground) to your receipt time.   If you have an emergency situation and need patches quickly,  please contact us to determine if we can meet your required turn time.

Ntrans Screenprint Transfers

Ntrans transfers are created when they are ordered.   Completion time depends on timely receipt of useable artwork,  the size of the order and the production queue, but is generally a minimum of two days.    Ntrans transfers are made in Michigan,  so shipment time could be up to four days (via Fed Ex Ground).

Sublimated Patches

Sublimated patches are created when they are ordered.  Completion time depends on timely receipt of useable artwork,  the size of the order and the production queue,  but is generally a minimum of 2 days.   Sublimated patches can ship from any of the EnMart locations,  so shipment time may depend on which locations have openings in their production schedules.

Also, please keep in mind that selecting USPS as your shipping method may also have an impact on the receipt time for your order.   USPS orders generally ship the day after the order is placed.    USPS as a shipping service is also only currently available from the Michigan facility.   While USPS is a viable and economical shipping option,  we do not recommend it if you need something quickly.

As always,  EnMart endeavors to do all we can to assist our customers.  If you have an emergency situation and need an item quickly,  please let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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19th September 2011

Do The Math

Let’s face it,  we’re a world accustomed to buy one get one free,  everything’s on sale,  coupons and discounts and special offers.  You can always find a website or a store or an e-mail in your inbox that will claim to have more for less,  better for cheaper, or a deal you won’t find anywhere else.   The problem is that with all these deals and specials and buy one get one free  it’s hard to know where to find the best price and whether the deal you’re being offered is really the best deal.   Unless, of course,  you do the math.

Doing the math doesn’t take that much time to do,  and the results can help you be sure you’re getting the best deal, so it is worth doing.   It’s also quite simple.   All that’s required to do the math is a deal,  some comparative pricing and a calculator.   The process works like this:

Suppose you’ve gotten an e-mail from a company offering a buy one get one free special.  In this case,  it’s 250 piece packs of cutaway backing.   If you buy one at x price,  you get another for “free”.   The first thing to do is run the numbers on this deal.   Divide the price by the number of sheets of backing you’ll get for that price (500) and that will give you your cost per sheet.   Once you have this number,  you need something to which it can be compared.  That’s where a little research comes in.   Do a search and find out for what price other companies are offering 500 sheets of the same type of backing.  Then do the math on those prices.    You may find out that the deal is really a good deal.  You may find out that another company has a better price per sheet.  Whatever the outcome,  at least you’ll know, and you’ll be sure that you’re getting the most for your hard earned dollars.

This process can work for anything.  Want to figure out which machine embroidery thread is the best value? Figure out your income per hour when the machine is sewing at top capacity and then subtract the time it takes to repair each thread break.   Each second of production you lose reduces your income per hour,  so a thread with less breaks is going to be a better value,  even if the purchase price is more expensive.

The thing to remember is that any company can tell you they’re offering a deal,  but it’s the math that confirms whether a deal really saves you money.   Doing the math will help you make sure you’re getting the most for the money you’ve worked hard to make, which is, in the end, the goal for which we all are shooting.

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17th May 2010

Try Before You Buy

One of our local news stations had a segment they used to do every sweeps period called Try B4 You Buy.   The premise of the segment was that an intrepid young reporter would test out new gizmos and gadgets and then tell the viewers of the segment what the test revealed.  The idea was that, by testing the products,  the reporter was saving the viewers money by letting them know which products were dynamite and which ones were dismal.

At EnMart we have our own little version of Try Before You Buy,  although no one goes on camera to test products and you won’t find any previous episodes on video.    Our Try Before You Buy has two parts to it.  The first part is the part where we actually use the products and let you know what we’ve found, generally in a post here on this blog.  Pretty much everything that is offered on our web site is also something that our parent company uses in one of its plants.  The items we offer for sale are the ones that we know work,  because we have day to day record of their use.

The second part of our Try Before You Buy series is the part where it’s you doing the trying.  If you’ve been looking at one of our products,  say a certain type of backing or our Iris Thread or our sublimation paper ,   you can always contact us and request a sample of the item in which you are interested.  We will be happy, within reason of course,  to send you a sample of thread or a few sheets of backing or paper to try before you commit to buying the product.

We understand that trying a new product can be a risky and expensive endeavor.  Every new product choice is a risk, and anything that helps minimize that risk is a good thing.  Since our parent company has had more than its share of trying products that didn’t work or didn’t work out when matched against our requirements,  we know the pain of the lost time, and lost revenue,  that unsatisfactory or unsuitable products can cause.

EnMart’s Try Before You Buy program is one way that we can help our customers eliminate a bit of the risk and pain for themselves.

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23rd December 2009

The Psychology of a Sale

2498066986_707251b4d9I see them every month.  In truth, I used to create them every month.  I suppose almost every online store does it, and I suppose most customers are accustomed to seeing a variety of e-mails from various online stores advertising their various sale items on a monthly basis.  Everyone puts stuff on sale. It’s part of selling.
These days, if you see an e-mail from EnMart, it won’t be announcing a sale.  The fact is our regular prices are, in many cases, lower or equal to the sale prices that others offer.  I’m not saying that is always the case,  or that I’ve looked at absolutely every site out there, but I will say that among those I have seen, our prices are often the lowest.  Having a sale on something that is already very reasonably priced seems a bit like gilding the lily.

I also don’t want anyone to suppose that low prices means shoddy or low quality merchandise.  We are able to offer the prices we offer because we have a very well connected purchasing team.  They’ve been around the business for a number of years and know just about everyone.  These relationships and connections allow us to get great prices.  Because the prices we are charged are reasonable, we are able to pass those savings on to you.

So, it isn’t likely you will ever see a sale e-mail from EnMart.  We do offer specials on occasion, often when we get a really good price on something which we can pass along to you.  EnMart will also offer closeout pricing when we’re phasing a particular product out of our inventory.   We also offer combo packages and volume discounts which can help you save even more money.

Our goal, always, is to offer you the best merchandise at the best prices.

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3rd December 2009

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

presentsWhether you call it Christmas, the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kawanzaa or simply the holiday season chances are you’re going to have to buy at least one gift this year.  If you have anyone on your list who owns a garment decoration shop,  or who does machine embroidery or sublimation, you might want to take a look at some of the gifts available from EnMart.

One great gift for the machine embroiderer on your list is a thread palette.   Our thread palettes are made up of 6 cones of 5500 yard polyester thread and center around a variety of themes.  We have holiday thread palettes, shades of color thread palettes, and thread palettes suited to a particular decor or color scheme.  A thread palette is a great way to give someone the gift of thread without breaking your budget.

If you know someone who is just getting into sublimation, our Hanes SublimationMaker software is the perfect thing to put under the tree.   Hanes SublimationMaker is a template based, easy to use software with hundreds of the most popular Unisub gift item templates available. This software is designed for those who want to do sublimation (or ChromaBlast) and can be used to ensure designs will fit the desired products.   If you really want to see your designated giftee’s eyes light up, include a selection of their favorite sublimatable blanks as well.  Since EnMart does not require case minimums on our sublimatable blanks, you can mix and match to create the perfect gift package for every person on your list who sublimates.

We would also like to suggest that  many of the items from our Accessories category would make great stocking stuffers.   Our thread clips, small scissors, tweezers and lint brushes would fit perfectly in a stocking.  If you wanted somthing more substantial, a can of any of our Sprayway products would be a nice gift for those who embroider.  Embroidery machine needles would also fit nicely in a stocking and would make a small, but welcome, gift for any machine embroiderer on your list.

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1st September 2009

EnMart September Specials

halloween-thread-graphicSeptember is the month for some spooky, and secret, savings at EnMart.

First up, EnMart has created a special, limited edition Halloween thread palette for all those embroiderers out there who are getting ready to do some scary stitching. Whether you’re embroidering ghoulish ghosts, wicked witches, or plump pumpkins, our Halloween thread palette will supply you with all the colors you need. This thread palette will also save you over 17% off buying each cone of thread individually.

Next, we continue our HI-10 Style L Bobbin special. Our HI-10 bobbins have proven to be so popular that we couldn’t resist continuing our August sale for another month. If you’re looking for a great value and a smooth running, long lasting bobbin, you need look no further than the HI-10 Style L Bobbin from Hilos Iris. EnMart also offers quantity breaks on our Style L bobbins, so the more you buy, the more you save.

Finally, we’re having a sale, but shhh! it’s a secret.

EnMart will designate one day in September as our sale day. During that day, all king cones of polyester thread will be on sale. Those people on our mailing list will be notified a few days before the sale, so they can take advantage of the terrific savings. If you are not currently on our mailing list, please contact us to be added, or keep an eye on the web site so you don’t miss this great sale.

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20th August 2009

The Holidays Are Coming

istock_000004650400smallAlthough it might seem impossible while you’re baking in the August sun, the holidays aren’t that far away.  Before we know it Halloween will be here, followed closely by Thanksgiving and Christmas.   If you’re looking for some great threads and other items to use in your holiday decorating, EnMart can certainly help.

One popular set of items for holiday decorating is our Holiday Thread Palettes.   Our Thanksgiving and Christmas Palettes are made up of colors associated with and suitable for those holidays.  We are also contemplating creating a Halloween palette for those of you who are embroidering witches and ghoulies and ghosties for Halloween costumes and parties.  All thread palettes are made up of 5500 yard cones of Iris polyester thread.

If you’re looking to add sparkle to your holiday designs, you should check out our Iris metallic thread.  EnMart customers who have used this thread tell us it is the best metallic thread in the industry and sew more smoothly and with less breaks then other metallic thread.  Currently, our metallic thread is available in gold and silver.  Other metallic colors may be added in the next few months.

If Christmas ornaments are on your holiday decorating list, EnMart can help you there too.  We are adding sublimatible Christmas ornaments to our inventory in the next few weeks.    EnMart also offers all the other sublimation supplies you would need for your holiday decorating.  Whether you’re looking to create a one of a kind set of holiday plates, or you want to create the perfect ornament to commemorate your child’s first Christmas,  you can find what you need at EnMart.

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13th August 2009

You Speak, We Listen

flagsOne of the best ways we know of finding out what products our customers want us to carry is by asking them.   We ask quite frequently, either here on the blog, or when our customer service reps are talking to people by phone.  It should be obvious that we want to stock products that our customers want to buy.  It should also be obvious that stocking what customers want to buy is easier if you ask your customers what they want and then listen to their answers.

One of the latest answers we got when we asked the question about what we should stock can be seen in the picture at left.  American flag patches are a popular item and, since our parent company sells them,  were also easy to add to the EnMart store.  I’m confident our quality ranks with any patches available on the Internet, and I know our prices are certainly competitive.  If you buy American Flag Patches on a regular basis, you should definitely give our flag patches a look.

If you’re wondering what else we might be thinking of adding to the store, I can assure you we have a long list.  We’re currently investigating sources for FR thread.  We already have FR backing and will be adding that to our backing inventory soon.  We’re also currently sourcing glow in the dark thread and colored metallic thread.   EnMart is also developing kits for things like patch making and FR embroidery.  We are very excited about the new products that are in the works and think they will all make great additions to the EnMart inventory.

The best way to keep up with EnMart and to be notified when new products are added is to ask to be added to our mailing list.  Everyone on the mailing list receives on electronic newsletter which goes out roughly twice a month.   Another great source of information is this blog, and you can also keep up on the latest happenings at EnMart by following our Twitter feed.

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3rd August 2009

EnMart August Specials

dog-daysEvery month is a great month to save at EnMart,  but August offers some particularly great savings.

For those who already use and love EnMart’s Iris polyester thread, or for those who have been thinking about giving it a try, August is a great month to stock up.  EnMart is offering 12 king cones (5500 yds) of Iris polyester thread,  in any color combination for $5.35 a cone.   If you’ve been looking for an economical way to increase your stock of colors, August is the month to buy thread from EnMart.

During August, our most popular bobbin style is also on sale.   Our Hi-10 Style L White Bobbins are being offered for $21.95  a gross, a discount of 19%.  Quantity discounts are also available.

EnMart is also transferring the savings to you this month, with a sale on our 1 color Ntrans transfers.   Ntrans transfers are durable, colorfast and easy to apply.   In August, you can save 30% on any size 1 color transfer.   If you’ve been thinking about giving Ntrans a try, August is a great month to see what these transfers can do for your business.

Finally, EnMart has also put our 60 cone thread rack on special this month.   Thread storage can be an issue, and this versitile rack can be of great help.  It can stand alone, or it can be hung on a wall.  Made of sturdy metal, this rack will hold your cones of Iris thread for years to come.

These specials will be available from August 1 – August 31, 2009.

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