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Eco-Friendly EnMart

14th September 2009

Eco-Friendly EnMart

earthWe all know that environmental friendliness is a big issue these days.  Your customers want garments and embellishments created with products that are not harmful to the environment.  You want to please your customers without spending a ton of money on supplies or being limited in your choice of products.  I’m happy to say that EnMart can help you meet your goals and your customers wishes.

If you’re looking for thread that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, you should really learn about Iris Thread.   This thread is manufactured by Hilos Iris, a company which is dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.   From the dye stuffs used to color the thread to the waste water that is created in the manufacturing process, Iris does everything possible to be environmentally friendly.  You can read about Hilos Iris and their commitment to the environment in the About Us section of their web site.

EnMart also offers environmentally friendly inks for those who are decorating garments or other items through sublimation.   The Sublijet Inks available from Sawgrass Technologies are considered “green ink” because they are water based, and as such are demonstrably less harmful to the environment than solvent based inks.    When these inks are paired with recycled, recyclable, natural or biodegradable substrates, you get a finished product that  is certifiably green.   To learn more about “Green Ink Technology” you can download Sawgrass’ paper on the subject.

Another environmentally friendly product category that EnMart is currently investigating is backing.   One product we are looking into is the Hydro Stick Backing from QST.   This hoopless stabilizer has a moisture activated adhesive, which eliminates the need for traditional adhesive backing, which creates waste paper or spray adhesives, which often come in aerosol form.   The adhesive on this backing is also designed not to gum up the needles on your embroidery machines.

Environmentally friendly embroidery and sublimation products don’t have to be hard to find or hard on your wallet.  EnMart’s inventory of environmentally friendly products is expanding, so keep checking back to see what has been added.  If you known of a eco-friendly product that is not currently in our product inventory, please let us know in the comment section of this post.   As we’ve mentioned in the past, when you speak, we listen.

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4th August 2009

An Alternative to MelcoMart

p1010095As many of you may already know, Melco recently decided to stop selling machine embroidery thread and supplies and concentrate solely on selling embroidery machines.   This decision has left many of the customers who used to buy Arc thread and the other machine embroidery supplies that Melco sold without a supplier.

Because Amaya machines were designed to fit a specific cone of thread, EnMart has always worked with the owners of these machines to get around this problem.  We have written blog posts on the subject, and provided instructions in our e-mail newsletters.   If machine operators use the simple techniques that we recommend, it will be easy to run Iris thread on an Amaya machine.

EnMart also now stands ready to assist those Melco customers who are now without a supplier.   We are currently working on a thread conversion chart which will convert the Melco colors to Iris colors.   This chart will most likely join our other thread conversion charts on the EnMart web site.   Our Sales and Customer Service staff will also have a copy.

EnMart also offers a wide variety of machine embroidery supplies similar to what Melco sold.  We have bobbins and bobbin casesadhesive spray and sewing machine oil and a wide variety of backings and toppings.   EnMart also sells Schmetz needles and thread clips.   If you are searching for a equivalent for the supplies that Melco sold, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help you make the conversion.

For your convenience, EnMart has three locations to serve you.  Orders can be shipped from EnMart Corporate, in Michigan, EnMart East in New Jersey, or EnMart West in Nevada.  Plans are also in place to open EnMart South in Georgia later this year.

If you have any questions about EnMart or the machine embroidery supplies we sell,  you can call us at 1-866-516-1300 or leave a comment on this blog.

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3rd June 2009

EnMart June Specials

saleI just wanted to take a moment today to let everyone know that the June specials are up in the EnMart store.  Our specials this month center around our RunRite magnetic bobbins.  You can get a box of 144  for $26.95.  We also offer bulk discounts, so the more you buy, the more you save.

Our RunRite magnetic bobbins offer uniform tension control and better stitch consistency.   These bobbins also allow for more efficient use of all the thread on the bobbin and prevent backlash and overspin.   RunRite bobbins also come 144 to a box,  which is 44 more than are offered by other magnetic bobbin manufacturers.  If you’ve wondered about our magnetic bobbins, now is the time to give them a try.

In June we are also continuing our series of Starter Kits.  This month, Starter Kit #2 offers a 5500 yd cone each of black and white thread and a box of the RunRite magnetic bobbins.   This is a great way to try Iris thread and the RunRite bobbins for one low price.

Finally, EnMart is offering free shipping on two of our most popular heat presses.   The DK20SP and the DK20S are both available with free shipping in June.  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a heat press, but wanted to avoid shipping charges, now is the time to buy.

You can see all our specials by visiting the homepage of the EnMart store.

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20th May 2009

An FAQ About Blanks

circle-and-oval-blanksSince blank patches are one of our most popular products, I thought today might be a good time to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about our blanks.  If you have a question I haven’t answered here, please leave it in the comments or contact us to ask.  We’ll be happy to help.

Q1:  What fabric are your blanks made of?

Our blanks are made of 100% polyester fabric.   This fabric is tough enough to stand up to industrial grade washing and drying.

Q2:  What are your standard color choices?

Our standard fabric color choice is white.  Our standard border colors are Red, White, Black, Navy, Rental Blue, Kelly Green and Gold.

Q3: Can I get blanks in other colors?

We have a wide variety of merrow and fabric colors available for a small upcharge.  Download this PDF to see our entire range of color choices.

Q4:  In the pictures on your site, the blanks have rounded corners.  Can I get blanks with squared corners?

Our standard blanks comes with penny round corners.   We can create blanks with squared corners in some sizes, but that is a special request and currently cannot be ordered through the web site.  If you need blanks with squared corners, call EnMart Customer Service at 1-866-516-1300 and we’ll be glad to take your order.

Q5:  Is there a minimum order for blanks?

The minimum order for blanks is 10 pieces.

Q6:  I would like to embroider the blanks I buy myself.  How do I embroider a single blank patch?

Embroidering single blank patches is quite simple.  We’ve created a step by step instruction guide which will walk you through the process.

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11th May 2009

Heat Presses, Ntrans and Bulk Bobbins

dk20spMay is a month of specials at EnMart!

In addition to our special on bobbins and our special on bobbins and black and white thread, we are also offering special pricing on our Geo.  Knight heat presses this month.  Until the end of May, our DK20S 16 x 20 Manual Swinger Heat Press and our DK20SP 16 x 20 Air Operated Swinger Heat Press are on sale.   We’re selling them at prices so low, we aren’t allowed to advertise them on our site.   To see the incredible low price, just add the heat press to your cart.  We can tell you this sale price is a substantial savings off the normal prices of these presses.  If you’ve been looking for a heat press, now is the time to buy.

While you’re checking out the low, low prices on two of our most popular heat press models, you should also take a look at our bobbin prices.  EnMart has also increased the amount you can save when buying our Hi-10 bobbins in bulk.   As of today, buying 30 boxes of bobbins, which equals a case, will allow you to purchase each box of bobbins at the bargain price of $19.99 per box.   If you’re looking for a substantial savings on bobbins, stock up now while these bargain prices are still available.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quality screenprint transfer, we wanted to remind everyone about Ntrans.   EnMart has now added a video on our site which shows in detail how the Ntrans process works.   If you’ve been wondering how Ntrans would work for your business,  you can now see first hand how easy these transfers are to apply, and how amazing they look on finished garments.

So far, May has been an exciting month at EnMart, and there’s more to come.  If you want to keep up to date on everything that’s happening,  make sure to keep an eye on this blog.  Those who don’t already receive our NewsBites and sale and special e-mails, may also want to add themselves to our mailing list.  If you would like to be added to the list, simply contact us and request that we add your name and e-mail.   We don’t want anyone to miss out on these great opportunities, so we’ll be glad to add you to the list.

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30th March 2009

New Product Additions

EnMart is proud to announce that we have added some additional products to the EnMart store.  In the next few months the store inventory will be changing frequently, so please keep checking back to see what’s new.  We will also alert you to new product offerings here on the EmbroideryTalk blog.

One of the new products that has been added to the store is ColorMaxx Ink.  ColorMaxx Inks are available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White, and can be used on 100% cotton garments, or on garments up to a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. See our Ink FAQ’s for more information about suitable materials for printing. We also offer PreTreat and CleanJet cleaning solution.   You can also find direct to garment printing accessories in the EnMart store.

EnMart has also added some new sizes and shapes of blank patches to the EnMart store.   The additional sizes and shapes were added after examining blank orders over the past year.  The new additions are the sizes and shapes that you have ordered most often, which previously could not be ordered from the web site. It made sense to add them to the existing web site inventory so you can order them quickly and easily whenever you wish to do so.  As a reminder, EnMart has also increased our color offerings, so you can now order a wide variety of fabric and border colors from our web site as well.

Finally, we have also added merrow floss to our web site.   Iris Merrow floss is perfect for creating borders for patches.   Our merrow floss is available in 17 colors.

EnMart is always open to suggestions for products we should carry in our store.  If you know of a product you think would be a useful addition to the EnMart store, please leave a comment for us and let us know.  Our product offerings will be expanding regularly, so keep an eye on this blog and our web site for the latest updates.

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10th March 2009

Embroidery Backing from EnMart

As most embroidery professionals know, not all backings are created equal.   A quality backing can go a long way toward helping your embroidery projects turn out properly.  A cheap or flimsy backing can mean the difference between a job well done and a job that has to be done again.  For something so simple, backing can have a large effect on how your jobs go on a day to day basis.

Because our parent company, Ensign Emblem, has been doing embroidery for industrial laundries for 35 years, we understand how important backing can be to the success or failure of your jobs.   Our goal has always been to offer the best supplies and accessories to our customers that we possibly could offer.   Our method of determining what, in our opinion anyway, is the best has been by using those supplies and accessories ourselves.

When it comes to backing, EnMart has tried a number of backing types over the years.  We finally settled on backing from QST.  This manufacturer also makes and supplies the backing offered through the EnMart store.   QST has been in the business of creating construction components for embroidery for over 100 years and they supply a wide variety of products to the apparel industry, including the backing sold by EnMart.

When it comes to backing, expert embroiderers know that you can do it the cheap way or you can do it the right way.  At EnMart we believe that doing it right is more important that doing it cheaply, although we’re not against doing both if the circumstances allow it.  The backing we sell is quality backing, strong enough to get the job done while still being cost effective.

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24th February 2009

Magnetic Bobbins are Here!

EnMart is proud to announce that Run Rite magnetic bobbins are now available from our online store.   The price for our bobbins is the same as other major magnetic bobbins on the market, but we offer 144 bobbins per box.  So, for the same price, you get more bobbins and bobbins with better control.  Run Rite bobbins have an entire side that is a magnet offering better control and consistency than other magnetic bobbins.

If you’re looking for an economical magnetic bobbin, Run Rite bobbins should be your bobbin of choice.  Our bobbins maintain a consistent tension from your first stitch to your last, which allows you to use all the thread on your bobbin.  Using the entire bobbin with no waste will certainly save you money.   The Run Rite bobbins also help improve your embroidery’s consistency, saving you time.  As we all know, time is money, so using our bobbins can help your bottom line in several ways.

There are several reasons why Run Rite magnetic bobbins are a good buy and a great choice.  Here are a few of the main ones:

  • 44 more bobbins per gross
  • Uniform tension control and better stitch consistency
  • Fewer bobbin changes
  • Prevention of backlash and overspin

If you have any further questions about our magnetic bobbins, please feel free to contact us.   To purchase a box of Run Rite bobbins,  please visit our store.

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25th November 2008

Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins

Many of you may already know that Magna Glide bobbins are available from the EnMart store.  What you may not know is why we sell them.  I wanted to discuss that a bit today.

Magna Glide bobbins are different from standard machine embroidery bobbins.   The magnetic core of the Fil-Tec bobbin allows it to sew with a consistent tension from the beginning to the end of the bobbin thread.  According to Fil-Tec

“The magnetic core, combined with our advanced EB “crosslink” technology optimizes dynamic thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin.

Also according to Fil-Tec, the magnetic core allows for significantly more stitches per bobbin, while reducing defects and improving productivity.

There have also been some reviews of the Magna Glide bobbin done by independent testers.  Here is one from R&M Crafts.    If you’re interested in what end users have to say, you can also read some customer reviews.

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18th November 2008

Backing Available at Closeout Prices

As any machine embroiderer knows, one of the keys to a quality finished product is the backing that is used in the creation of the embroidery.  Whether you’re using cutaway backing or tearaway backing or embroidering single emblems using peel and stick backing as a base,  the end product will be effected by the quality of the backing that you use.

EnMart is proud to offer what we feel is some of the finest backing in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for water soluble topping, peel and stick, tearaway, cutaway or poly mesh backing, you can find what you need at EnMart.  We are also currently offering some of our backing on sale.  In an effort to clear out some inventory to make room for additional incoming backing, we have put the following backing types on sale at clearance prices.

2.5 Oz. Soft-N-Stable Cutaway – 6×6 – 500 pcs per pack –  This backing has excellent stability, is easy to hoop and has a soft feel against the skin.

2.5 Oz. Universal Cutaway – 15 x 15 – 500 pcs per pack – If you’re stitching larger designs, this backing is ideal.  It is washable and suitable for dry cleaning.

2.0 Oz. Tearaway/Washaway – 15 x 15 – 500 pcs. per pack –  This backing washes away, leaving the garment soft and free from backing.   It also offers superior stitch performance on high stitch count designs.

The closeout prices will only last until all the backing of these types in inventory is cleared.  If you want to take advantage of these sale prices on backing, I’d recommend making a purchase soon.

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