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Holiday Embroidery

3rd July 2012

Holiday Embroidery

If you live in the United States,  you know that tomorrow is Independence Day.    A lot of embroidery design companies have been offering their patriotic designs in honor of this holiday for a while now.     EnMart offers a red, white and blue Fourth of July thread palette.    We also carry embroidered American flag patches with white or gold borders.    As lovely as these items are,  however,  the fact remains that those who do holiday themed embroidery are already looking beyond the Fourth of July to what comes next.    If you’re one of those embroiderers,  EnMart does have items to offer for other holiday themed embroidery.

HALLOWEEN – Scary witches, goblins or tombstones can come to life with our Halloween Thread Palette.  Consisting of six Halloween specific colors,  from Ectoplasm (Bright Green) to Jack-o-Lantern (Orange)  this palette will help you embroider many Halloween related designs.    EnMart also carries Puft 3D Embroidery Foam,  which can help make your ghosts and ghouls stand out.    For those who want personalized trick or treat bags,  you could order EnMart’s sublimated patches with a Halloween themed design and then double sublimate them with each trick-or-treater’s name.

THANKSGIVING – Turkeys and Pilgrims will love our Thanksgiving palette which contains 6 5500 yard cones of Iris Thread as well as one mini cone each of gold and silver metallic.   Whether you’re embroidering an autumn table runner for the Thanksgiving table,  or cute tea towels with a Thanksgiving theme,  this palette will be of help.

CHRISTMAS – Christmas may be the ultimate embroidery holiday,  since there are so many gifts that can be embroidered.   EnMart’s Christmas Thread Palette will get you the basic colors you need for Christmas themed embroidery,  plus gold and silver metallic thread to add that special shine.  If you’re embroidering gifts,  you may want to look at our variegated thread which can add a pop of color and uniqueness to any design.   For those who have an embroiderer in their life who needs a Christmas gift,  don’t forget the Iris thread kits.

Whether you’re embroidering a ghost or a ghoul,  a turkey or a teepee,  a Christmas tree or a Christmas gift,  it is likely that EnMart has the supplies you need.   Make sure you bookmark our store and check back often.  We add new items on a regular basis.

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5th October 2011

Embroidery for the Holidays

While it seems impossible that it is already October,  the leaves are turning,  the mornings are getting crisper and cooler,  and the holiday season lurks right around the corner.  For those who sell things they embroider,  or who make their own holiday gifts,  this is definitely the time of year to pull out all the stops.   If you’re looking to create that perfect one of a kind embroidered holiday offering,  EnMart has some supplies that we think can be of help.

Metallic Thread – Sparkle is supposed to be a trend this year,  and our metallic thread has lots of it.    Whether you’re looking for classic gold and silver,  or color that shines,  our metallic thread is high quality and easy to run.   It’s the thread that inspired love even in those who dislike metallic thread.   It’s also the thread that was used to create this and this.  If you want to add some flash to your holiday gifts,  give our metallic machine embroidery thread a try.

Badgemaster – Lacy ornaments are sure to dress up any tree and they make a great memento or stocking stuffer.   If you want to create one of a kind embroidered ornaments this year Badgemaster should be your backing of choice.   This water soluble film can be machine embroidered directly, and the excess film can be dissolved with water,  leaving behind only the embroidered design.

Thread Palettes – Everyone knows that certain colors are associated with certain holidays.   Black and orange bring out the Halloween in us all.   Thanksgiving features the rust color palette of Fall.   Christmas is all about red, green and gold.   If you do a lot of embroidery for a specific holiday,  our thread palettes can save you money on thread,  while providing you with the colors you need for your holiday designs.



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19th September 2011

Do The Math

Let’s face it,  we’re a world accustomed to buy one get one free,  everything’s on sale,  coupons and discounts and special offers.  You can always find a website or a store or an e-mail in your inbox that will claim to have more for less,  better for cheaper, or a deal you won’t find anywhere else.   The problem is that with all these deals and specials and buy one get one free  it’s hard to know where to find the best price and whether the deal you’re being offered is really the best deal.   Unless, of course,  you do the math.

Doing the math doesn’t take that much time to do,  and the results can help you be sure you’re getting the best deal, so it is worth doing.   It’s also quite simple.   All that’s required to do the math is a deal,  some comparative pricing and a calculator.   The process works like this:

Suppose you’ve gotten an e-mail from a company offering a buy one get one free special.  In this case,  it’s 250 piece packs of cutaway backing.   If you buy one at x price,  you get another for “free”.   The first thing to do is run the numbers on this deal.   Divide the price by the number of sheets of backing you’ll get for that price (500) and that will give you your cost per sheet.   Once you have this number,  you need something to which it can be compared.  That’s where a little research comes in.   Do a search and find out for what price other companies are offering 500 sheets of the same type of backing.  Then do the math on those prices.    You may find out that the deal is really a good deal.  You may find out that another company has a better price per sheet.  Whatever the outcome,  at least you’ll know, and you’ll be sure that you’re getting the most for your hard earned dollars.

This process can work for anything.  Want to figure out which machine embroidery thread is the best value? Figure out your income per hour when the machine is sewing at top capacity and then subtract the time it takes to repair each thread break.   Each second of production you lose reduces your income per hour,  so a thread with less breaks is going to be a better value,  even if the purchase price is more expensive.

The thing to remember is that any company can tell you they’re offering a deal,  but it’s the math that confirms whether a deal really saves you money.   Doing the math will help you make sure you’re getting the most for the money you’ve worked hard to make, which is, in the end, the goal for which we all are shooting.

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4th April 2011

Updating our Accessories

Every once in a while we take a look at our store and wonder what we should add to it.  Sometimes that question is prompted by a product going out of stock or being discontinued.  Other times,  the question is simply prompted by the desire to make the store and the products offer in it more useful to our customers.

Currently, the section we’re pondering is our Accessories, Tools and Maintenance section.  We’ve had a few types of scissors that we were carrying go out of stock recently, and one of the things we’re considering is adding some different types of scissors.  The question is, what type?  Should we add big dressmaker shears.  Should we add small scissors for trimming work?  What sort of scissors would you like to see us carry in our online store?

Another thing we’re looking at is adding more items for machine maintenance.  Because our parent company owns so many machines,  we know how important regular maintenance and keeping your machine clean and lint free can be.   We already offer screwdrivers and lint brushes,  but I’m wondering if there are more maintenance tools and supplies we should be offering.  I have the same query when it comes to oil.  Are zoom spout oilers and quarts and gallons of sewing machine oil enough options for the average machine embroidery shop?

Finally, I shouldn’t forget to mention the Sprayway products.   We have two types of adhesive sprays,  anti-static spray,  silicone spray,  spot remover and more,  but there are Sprayway products we don’t currently carry.    Is there something in the Sprayway inventory you’d like us to add to the EnMart inventory?   We do take suggestions from customers as to what we should include in our inventory all the time,  and we’d certainly like to hear and consider yours.  If you have a suggestion for something we should add to the site,  please leave it in the comments.


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16th November 2010

Free Stitch Era Universal Digitizing Software CD

Every once in a while EnMart likes to do something special for our customers.   Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of questions about digitizing software,  what we use,  what we recommend,  and how to find a program that doesn’t cost a ton.  Some of you may already know that EnMart has been a distributor of the Stitch Era Universal Digitizing Software CD.  We’ve sold it on our site, and touted it at shows.  While it is a basic digitizing program,  it is very useful and relatively easy to learn to use.  We had someone from our Design Department,  a woman who understood design and embroidery but had never digitized,  try out the program.  She was up to speed and digitizing designs in a few hours.  The software is perfect for basic digitizing and is surprisingly robust.   You can find a complete overview of the software’s capabilities on the Sierra website.

Since we know a lot of people are interested in finding a basic digitizing solution that won’t break their budgets,  EnMart is offering the CD version of our Stitch Era Universal digitizing software free of charge through the end of the year.   All you have to do is meet the minimum store requirement of $25 and you can add the CD to your cart free of charge.   This applies to any products available in our store.  As long as you meet the $25 minimum order you can receive a copy of the CD for free.

This offer is available through December 31, 2010.

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23rd September 2010

Adding to the Inventory

It always starts with a meeting.

We’re sitting around the table in the conference room discussing whatever the subject of the meeting is,  and someone makes a segue and suddenly we’re discussing adding some new product to the EnMart inventory.   What the product is doesn’t really matter,  it’s the discussion that counts.  Suddenly we’re ranging over a list of the pros and cons of adding this new product or category of products and then, inevitably, it happens.  Someone says the magic words “You should really put this on the blog”.   You can also substitute the words “the forums”, or “Twitter” or “Facebook”  in place of “blog”  but the intent of all the suggestions is the same.

We want to know what you think.

The question we would like your thoughts on today is one of what new items we should add to the EnMart inventory.  One thing we’re considering is rhinestones and associated rhinestone equipment and supplies.  I’ll be honest,  we don’t know a great deal about rhinestones at this point,  but we’re smart people and we learn fast.  Rhinestones also seem like a logical addition to our inventory, since we already offer a lot of garment decoration supplies.  We may think adding rhinestones is a logical progression for our inventory,  but what I’m more interested in is what you all think.  Would our lack of experience in the use of rhinestones concern you?  Would having rhinestones among our product offerings make us more of a one stop shop?

Another inventory category we want to expand is scissors.  I know some people prefer one brand over another,  but I’ve never quite understood why.  I also know there are certain types of specialty scissors that people like to use,  but I’m not sure what they all are.    If we were to beef up our inventory of scissors what types would you like to see us add and why?   Are there particular brands you think we should carry?

Finally,  I wanted to touch on thread for a moment.   Specialty thread is something we contemplate adding on a regular basis but, other than colored metallic and variegated we haven’t expanded our specialty thread inventory any further.  We do get asked occasionally for Fire Retardant thread and glow in the dark thread,  so those might be specialty thread options to consider.   What I’m wondering is if there is any other type of specialty thread that we should contemplate adding to our inventory.   Color changing thread?  Variegated metallic thread?  What would you like to see us add?

As always,  we value the input from our customers and fans.  If there is something you would like to see us carry, please do make a suggestion.  We do listen and we do take your suggestions into account when we’re planning inventory updates.

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4th August 2010

Don’t Forget the Sprayway!

Sometimes the most basic stuff is the stuff that’s easiest to forget.  If you run a machine embroidery business,  you don’t want to forget about Sprayway products.  These sprays are very useful for any shop and can save you a lot of problems and hassle.   If you haven’t checked out our Tools and Accessories section lately,  here’s a little refresher course on what Sprayway products can do for you.

Sprayway Anti Static Spray –  This spray helps counteract static electricity charges that can attract dust to you machines.   It can also be used on fabric to help eliminate static cling.    This spray can also be used to prevent static electricity shocks which could damage a computer memory.

Sprayway Clean Jet Lint and Dust Remover – This is essentially “canned air”.  It can be used to clean small or delicate areas in your embroidery machine.  Use it remove lint from bobbin cases.

Sprayway Fast Tack Reposition Spray –  If you don’t want a permanent adhesive,  this is the spray for you.   You can use this spray to make regular backing into an adhesive stabilizer.   This is non staining and non transferable.

Sprayway Silicone Spray – This product stops sticking and binding and protects your machines.   Silicone spray can also be used to speed fabric flow and reduce friction.

Sprayway Spot Lifter – If you’ve ever had to discard a piece of fabric because you got a spot or a stain on it,  this product is for you.  Spot Lifter removes stains from cloth.  It is safe and effective when used on cotton, wool, synthetic materials and silk.  Spot Lifter is also guaranteed not to stain the cloth.

Sprayway Spray Adhesive – For temporary bonds,  look to Sprayway Fast Tack.  For more permanent bonds,  try Sprayway Spray Adhesive.   This product bonds to foam rubber, cardboard, plastic, glass, wool, cloth and metal.  It has a quick and long lasting tack and is water resistant.

For those of you who work in shops where MSDS sheets are required,  I would also like to point out that EnMart offers downloadable MSDS sheets for all Sprayway products on our web site.  Just click the MSDS link on the top menu bar to see the list.

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10th March 2010

Backing Basics: A New Series

Those of you who’ve read this blog for a while may know that I’m quite fond of doing series of posts.  Some topics are just too big to cover in one post, and doing a series allows for more in depth discussion and examination of a particular product or issue.  A series is also a great way to lead people through a particular topic in step 1, step 2, step 3 kind of a way.  A blog series can be a great educational tool.

One of the products that I’ve always thought would be perfect for a blog series is our machine embroidery backing.   The backing you choose can make such a difference in the success or failure of your embroidery, but there are so many different types of backing from which to make your choice.  How do you know which machine embroidery backing or topping is right for your job?  How do you know which one you should use?

This is where we come in.  Among other things, this blog is an educational tool for our customers.  Part of what we do here is help you make informed decisions about the products we sell.  Choosing the right machine embroidery backing can have a big impact on the look of your finished product and the ease of getting the product to that finished state.      It’s a choice that shouldn’t be left to chance and which requires an understanding of backing types, how backing can impact a finished design, and what sorts of backing or topping work best for various designs.   Over the coming weeks, our Backing Basics series will lead you through the all these subjects and more as we conduct an in depth discussion of machine embroidery backing.

Backing Basics will cover a wide variety of machine embroidery backing related topics including:

  • Choosing the right backing for your job and garment
  • The different types of backing
  • Why quality matters when it comes to backing
  • Environmentally friendly backing
  • Backing weight
  • Specialty backing

We are also open to answering any questions about backing that our readers may have.  If you have a backing related issue or question, please leave it in the comments here on the blog or contact us with your question.

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11th February 2010

Free Digitizing Software from EnMart

Digitizing is something that a lot of machine embroiderers would probably like to do, but weren’t sure they would ever be able to do.   For some, the cost of the digitizing software is prohibitive.  For others,  the complexity of using the software seems daunting.  Some people just don’t care to digitize at all, and so hire expert digitizers to do the work for them.  If you’re in the last category, the new software EnMart has to offer probably won’t be of interest.  Everyone else, however, could benefit from ordering a copy of EnMart’s new offering, Stitch Era Universal Free Digitizing Software.

The Stitch Era Universal software is the first advanced software for the creation of embroidery designs that is free to end users.  It includes a large number of features, and performs all the functions necessary for digitizing including format conversion, pre-digitized letters, letters from true type fonts, advanced stitch editing, auto-digitizing, conventional digitizing, interactive digitizing and many more.   At a cost of $4.95, which covers shipping, handling and the creation of the CD,  the software is free to end users.   EnMart has also made a special offer, which allows buyers who purchase $30 worth of thread from our Thread and Thread Related category to use the code SEU2010 to get the software for free.

Stitch Era Universal is compatible with many major embroidery machines.  You can find a complete list of machines on which the software works on the Sierra web site.   The software also works with Windows.  The recommended and minimum configurations for your computer are available on the Stitch Era website.   Best of all, buying one copy of the software gives you the license to load it on to multiple computers, so you can use the software in your shop, on the road or in your home.

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5th October 2009

EnMart’s October Specials

october-specials In October, EnMart is ready to help you prepare for the upcoming holidays.  If you create any sort of holiday themed embroidery, then our holiday thread palettes are sure to be of interest.   Our October special palettes also include a gold and silver metallic mini cone, perfect for adding that special sparkle to your holiday embroidery.

Our Christmas Palette contains all the shades necessary to embroider Christmas trees, Santa Claus and snow.   EnMart’s Thanksgiving Palette offers a variety of colors perfect for capturing the Autumn spirit of Thanksgiving.  The Halloween Palette provides all the colors you would need to embroider the spookiest ghosts, most ghoulish graveyards and wickedest witches.   Best of all, each palette is available at prices that are positively spooky.

In October, EnMart also offers a thread sale which allows bigger savings when you buy more cones of thread.  If you’ve been looking to convert your inventory over to Iris thread, October is the month to do so.     Our price breaks start at 6 cones, and go all the way up to 144 cones.  The number of cones can be of any color combination, although they must all be polyester.

Finally, EnMart is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly backing in October.  Our Hydro-Stick backing is a moisture-activated adhesive backing that eliminates the need for spray adhesives.  It will not gum up your embroidery needles or embroidery machines. Perfect for medium to heavy stitch count designs, and medium to heavy weight garments and other products such as blank patches. If you’re looking for an ec0-friendly, non toxic backing choice, Hydro-Stitch could be the perfect option for you.

As always, all monthly specials last from the beginning to the end of the month.  These specials will expire on October 31, 2009.   To take advantage of any of our specials, just visit the EnMart website, or contact us at 1-866-516-1300.

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