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Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread

12th November 2013

Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread

iris-ultra-cotton-quilting-thread-LYesterday,  on the SubliStuff blog,  I talked about FabricMaker,  our fabric printing system which can be used to create personalized and unique fabric for quilts and other sewn items.    Since I started talking about products that could be used with quilts on that blog,  it seemed only logical to continue the conversation on this blog by introducing our Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread.

As many of you already know,  EnMart is the exclusive commercial distributor in the United States for Iris UltraBrite Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread.   We also offer a variety of specialty threads,  like our popular metallic thread,  or our fabulous solar active thread.    We have always been proud to carry Iris thread,  a brand known for quality and colorfulness,  so we were excited when Hilos Iris told us they were bringing out a line of cotton quilting thread.

Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread is a very high quality 100% long staple Egyptian cotton quilting thread.  It is currently available in 19 solid colors and 9 variegated colors.    The solids are sold in 3,000 yd and 500 yd cones.   The variegated colors are sold in 2,500 and 400 yd cones.    We introduced this thread at the 2013 Quilt Market in Houston and the initial response has been very positive.    We were told that the thread was comparable to King Tut thread,  but that our price point was much better.

This is a high quality thread,  perfect for any type of quilting, including long arm quilting.   It is double mercerized and gassed,  very low lint,  and made from long staple Egyptian cotton.    The thread is smooth and lustrous  and offers a durable color that will keep your heirloom quality quilts looking their best wash after wash.

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29th May 2013

The Story of EnMart Part 2: Iris Thread

h_iris_logo newWe all know machine embroidery thread has changed over the years.   When Ensign Emblem started in 1974,  there range of choices wasn’t as large as it is now.   Over the years,  Ensign has probably embroidered with almost every thread still on the market today,  as well as some that no longer are sold.   The company has embroidered with cotton thread,  nylon thread,   polyester thread,  rayon thread and struggled,  like every other embroidery company out there,  with color fastness issues,  thread break issues,  and thread related production issues.    The search for a thread that worked better for the company’s purposes was a constant thing.

Iris machine embroidery thread actually came to our notice because we were looking for a new merrow floss supplier.   For those who don’t know,  merrow floss  is the thread used to create the borders on our emblems and,  for our purposes it needs to be strong,  washfast,  and colorfast.  It also needs to be able to withstand high heat and not sublimate.   The merrow floss we were using when Hilos Iris came to our attention was not meeting our needs,  and the available options of which we were aware were either ones we’d already tried or not appealing.  A new source opened up new options and, after working with Hilos Iris,  got us a merrow floss that met our requirements.    Once we had the merrow floss in place,  it was a short jump to someone saying “Have you tried our machine embroidery thread?”  and Iris UltraBrite Polyester and Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon entered our lives.

Ensign Emblem and Hilos Iris worked together for about six months to create a machine embroidery thread that met Ensign’s needs.   The thread had to be strong,  durable,  washfast and colorfast, able to withstand high heat so the color wouldn’t sublimate and available  at a price point that was reasonable.   We also needed a standard set of available colors as well as the ability to have specialty colors dyed and stocked.  Hilos Iris already had a color card for their polyester thread with 300 colors,  and they had a state of the art dye house which made creating custom colors possible.   In October of 2007,  Ensign Emblem’s President,  Gayle Zreliak,  recorded her memories of her visit to the Hilos Iris facility on the EnMart blog.  After working together and after that visit,  it became apparent the two companies had a great deal in common.  Like Ensign Emblem,  Hilos Iris was family owned.  Both companies had been successful for a number of years.   Each company had a commitment to quality.    As Hilos and Ensign worked together to create a better machine embroidery thread,  a partnership was formed.  Since Hilos Iris,  based in Mexico,  had been looking for a way to break into the U.S. Market,  it wasn’t much of a step for discussions about how Ensign could be part of that goal.

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5th May 2011

The Proof is in the Running

For those who don’t already know,  EnMart exhibited at the DAX Show in Chicago last weekend.  One of the best parts of exhibiting at those shows is the other exhibitors you get to meet.  Nancy Rasmussen from Encore Embroidery is one such exhibitor.  Her booth had been in the same neighborhood as ours at a couple of shows and we had a few discussions about the Melco machines she sells, repairs and trains people to use and our Iris thread.

We’d talked before about having Nancy run the Iris Polyester Thread on the BRAVO  machine she had in her booth, but in Chicago we finally made that happen.   She pulled the thread she was running off her machine, and we pulled cones off our wall display and gave them to her to run.  Let me stress these weren’t special cones,  or pristine cones that had never been taken out of the box.  These cones had been to a couple of trade shows,  had been bounced around in a truck, and had been used as display thread.   If any thread would show fractures or stress points or have weaknesses,  this thread would be it.

Nancy loaded all the thread onto her machine and started it running.   That machine,  and the thread on it,  ran for the next two days without a thread break.  Both the machine  and the thread just kept going and going and going.  It was an amazing,  in person, demonstration of the strength and durability of the Iris thread.  Even thread that had been roughed up and bounced around ran beautifully.  If that thread ran well, can you imagine what Iris thread fresh off the warehouse shelf would do?

You can see a short video of the Iris thread running on Encore Embroidery’s Melco machine on EnMart’s Facebook page.   If you would like a sample of the Iris UltraBrite Polyester thread so you can do your own run test,  please contact us.   If you own or are thinking or purchasing a BRAVO Machine  give Encore Embroidery a call.  Nancy knows her stuff.

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30th March 2011

We’re Not the Only Ones Saying It….

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I’ve written about our metallic thread in the past.   Back in December,  I talked about our great selection of accent threads.  In September I wrote about an awesome embroidered jacket back that was embroidered entirely with our colored metallic thread,  created by a good friend of EnMart,  Black Duck Inc. In August,  I talked about how our metallic thread was the cure for the metallic blues which afflict so many embroiderers.   The list of the posts I’ve written about our metallic thread could go on and on,  but although each post has a different slant on the subject,  they all end up mentioning one thing:  our metallic thread is one of the best in the business.

Those of us who work for EnMart,  who’ve worked with the thread, and who sell it,  have talked about the qualities of this thread a lot.   We tell people it runs better than the other metallic threads on the market,  that it has less thread breaks,  that even if someone is dedicated to metallic thread avoidance,  Iris Dazzling Metallic thread will change their mind.    We had out samples at trade shows and tell those who take them to give it a try and then give us a call and let us know how great the thread runs and how easy it is to use.   Those calls do come,  or we see a person who took a sample at a previous show at another show and they tell us in person how great the thread runs and how much they love to use it.  That, of course, is something we always love to hear.

We also love to read positive comments about our metallic thread.   That’s why it was so great to get the following comment on a post I wrote about the DAX Minneapolis show.

Saw you at the Dax show, Picked up a sample of metallic thread. Did a sew out today, BEST sewing metallic I have used!

I’m aware that we can talk about how great our metallic thread is and how well it sews and how easy it is to use and, for some people,  that will just sound like another round of sales talk, and be taken with a grain of salt.   The comment on the blog, however, is an unsolicited testimonial from someone, just like those of you reading this,  who owns a machine and got a sample of Iris Metallic Thread to try.   If you’re skeptical about metallic thread, or have had a bad experience in the past,  I encourage you to do what the person who left the comment did, and give a sample of our Iris Dazzling Metallic thread a test run.

I’m sure, if you do,  you’ll soon be sending us a positive comment as well.

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18th August 2008

Environmentally friendly thread

It seems that, in these times, everyone is worried about their environmental impact. We all want to use products that are good for the environment and we all want to reduce our carbon footprint and the negative impact we may be making on that environment. In an effort to accomplish that goal, and to tap into a growing market for eco-friendly products, many embroiderers have begun searching for environmentally friendly products that can be used in the embroidered items they create.

If you’re searching for a thread and a thread manufacturer which are environmentally conscious, you don’t need to look any further than Hilos Iris. Their thread, both polyester and rayon, is manufactured to the highest environmental standards and the company has policies in place to ensure their manufacturing facility has as little impact on the environment as possible.

To minimize their environmental impact, Hilos Iris does the following:

  • Uses recycled water
  • Only uses chemicals and dye stuffs that are non carcinogenic and environmentally friendly
  • Treats and cleans all water before releasing it into any outside water source
  • Uses a recycled water system for heat and energy

Hilos Iris is certified as being among the lowest in the emission of dangerous substances for not only the company’s home country of Mexico, but for the entire world. The company is committed to environmentally practices and consistently searches for ways to conserve energy and avoid waste while protecting the environment.

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13th November 2007

O.k., We’re Not Quite Victor Kiam

Those of you of a certain age, what age I won’t say,  probably will get the reference in the title.  For those who are at sea, allow me to explain.  Victor Kiam was the owner of several things, one of them being Remington Products.  He was, for a time, the spokesperson for the company, and the slogan he used was “I liked it so much I bought the company.”  In it’s time, this slogan and advertising concept was quite popular, and it has been used ever since to signify companies and owners that really believe in the products and services they sell.

In the case of EnMart, we can’t say we bought the companies that design and manufacture the products that we sell.  Some, like Hilos Iris, are companies with whom we have a close partnership.  Other companies for whom we distribute products are simply that, companies who make the products which we sell.  So, it wouldn’t be strictly accurate to say we liked the products so much we bought the companies.  It would, however,  be strictly accurate to say we like the products so much, we use them ourselves.  It may not be as catchy a slogan, but it does have the benefit of being the truth.

Ensign Emblem, our parent company, creates products using Hilos Iris thread.  We use the bobbins and needles we sell.  Were you to look, you could find the scissors and backings sold on the EnMart site being used by employees in all of our plants.  We sell the things we sell because we use them ourselves.  We know these products work.  They work for us every day.

As an advertising slogan “We like these products so much we use them every day” probably isn’t going to set the world on fire.   As a rationale for why you should purchase products from EnMart, however, it makes perfect sense.  Ensign Emblem has been in the embroidery business for over 30 years, and in that time we’ve learned a little something about what products work and what products don’t work.  Now, through EnMart, you can make use our expertise and be sure you’re getting products that will work well for your business. 

 After all, they work well for ours.

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26th October 2007

Seeing is Believing

Recently our company president, Gayle Zreliak, had a chance to visit the Hilos Iris manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico.  Here is what she had to say about her visit.

“I’ve been buying embroidery thread for over 33 years. In that time I’ve purchased thread from Madeira, Robison-Anton, Coats and Clark, American and Efird.  We started Ensign Emblem in 1974 doing embroidery by hand.  Today the company has over 1300 heads. Despite that fact that we’ve purchased a large amount of thread over the years, until a few weeks ago I had never been invited to tour a thread manufacturing facility. Hilos Iris, our current thread supplier, is so proud of their facility, they insisted I come and see it for myself.

I regret that, before I arrived, I assumed that a non U.S. manufacturing facility would be lacking the latest technology. After touring the facility I realized that rather then doubting their technology, I should be proud to be associated with such a fine company. Hilos Iris is a comapny which takes into account safety, cleanliness of their work-sites and equipment, and is willing to make major capital investments in new equipment in order to produce the best product possible.  They also have a state of the art color lab for custom coloring.

If we, as Americans, use manufacturing facilities in the United States as the standard all other facilities much match, I can say that Hilos Iris not only met those standards, it surpassed them. My father, who had extensive embroidery experience, and who founded Ensign Emblem, always said the benchmark of a good facility was if it was clean enough that you would be willing to eat off the floor.  Dad would have approved of the Hilos Iris facility.

Like Ensign Emblem and, by extension, EnMart, Hilos Iris is a family business that has a commitment to creating quality product. As a business owner, I know that all of you have many balls to juggle in your daily work life. Every company needs to stay competitive, but sometimes staying competitive is about more than getting the lowest price. Cost can not only be measured in dollars, it can be measured in downtime, or effort, or labor. Buying quality thread product can help you save all of the above.

I can personally guarantee that the Iris thread you purchase from EnMart is the best quality available in the global marketplace. If you have any questions about Hilos Iris or the thread or other products, please feel free to contact me directly.  Just ask for Gayle.”

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