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EnMart NewsBites 1/18/10

18th January 2010

EnMart NewsBites 1/18/10

It’s been a while since EnMart NewsBites has been seen and today seemed a good day to bring it back, since we have some miscellaneous announcements to make.  Those of you who remember the NewsBites e-mails probably remember that they were small snippets of information and advice.  The NewsBites posts will take the same format.  These posts will be a place where we can provide small bits of information and tips or hints that will either inform you about EnMart or help you in your own business life.   NewsBites will appear roughly every two weeks.   Here are this week’s NewsBites.

Free Digitizing Software – EnMart has added Stitch Era Universal free digitizing software to the products we offer.  This software is a complete digitizing package, includes a large number of features and performs all the functions necessary for digitizing.    This software is available for a $4.95 shipping and handling charge or purchase $30 or more of products from our Thread and Thread Related Category and use the code SEU2010 to receive the software absolutely free.

Introducing SubliStuff, the Blog – EnMart has created a sister blog for EnMart EmbroideryTalk.  The new blog is called SubliStuff, and will feature articles about sublimation, guest posts from sublimation and ChromaBlast experts, and eventually sublimation videos.   If you have questions about sublimation, please leave them in the comment section of the blog and we will be happy to answer them.

Do you have…? – We get questions all the time about adding something to our product inventory.   Here is how that process works.  If you have a product you would like us to add to our inventory, contact us, provide information about the item, including SKU and where you currently purchase it, and let us know how big your first order would be.   Once we have that information, we will determine a price and give you a quote on the item.  Before we stock the item, we must have your first order for it.  Your first shipment may be a little delayed while we stock up, but subsequent shipments will be shipped with the usual EnMart efficiency.

EnMart Website Upgraded –  The EnMart website has had some tweaks made to the structure and function.  The changes should make it easier to find items you want to purchase, and should make the site run faster.  While the final changes are in progress, we ask that you pardon our dust, and please let us know if you find anything that isn’t working properly.

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