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It’s An EnMart Giveaway

6th November 2008

It’s An EnMart Giveaway

During the month of November EnMart will be having a contest.  Entering this contest is easy.  All you have to do is place an order of any size during November 2008.  All orders, whether they come through the website or via phone or fax are eligible.

The prize will be two (2) Best 24 Kits of Iris Thread in your choice of Rayon or Polyester.   If you like you may choose one of each.  These kits feature mini cones of the top 24 Iris thread colors.  If you’re looking for a way to try Iris thread, this would be a great opportunity.

I would also like to remind everyone that there will be an e-mail from us arriving in your Inbox today.  This e-mail will feature a special offer.  If you’re not currently on our mailing list there is still time to be added.  Simply contact us and ask that we add you to the list.  It’s that easy.

As always, we thank everyone who has visited our site and placed an order.  We will continue to do our best to make the EnMart site a valuable resource and to offer the premium products at affordable prices.

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1st October 2008

More Locations to Serve You Better

EnMart is proud to announce the opening of a third warehouse and shipping facility located in North Bergen, New Jersey. This facility joins the corporate headquarters in Traverse City, MI and our West Coast shipping facility in Reno, Nevada.  The New Jersey facility will be used to offer faster shipping times to our customers on the East Coast and in the Eastern states.

All thread and associated product orders placed by our customers on the East Coast will ship from the New Jersey facility.  Orders for items that require manufacturing, like blanks and NTrans will still ship from Michigan. EnMart customers may still place their orders through the EnMart website, www.myenmart.com.  Orders will be routed by EnMart to the location that can provide the fastest shipping time.

In addition to the currently established locations in Nevada and New Jersey, warehouse space is also tentatively planned for the South.  By 2009, EnMart plans to offer shipping from three strategic warehouse locations, as well as from the corporate headquarters in Traverse City, MI

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17th September 2008

We’ve Got a New Look

If you’ve been on the web site any time before the last day or so, you might have noticed that our look has changed.  When we started this site, the front part or informational portion of the site was designed independently of the EnMart store.  We knew we wanted to get the informational part of the site operational so people could start learning about us and from us.  So we designed the informational site as a stand alone site and planned to add the store later.

When we did add the store, we discovered that a lot of things we had done on the front part of the site just didn’t work on the back end.  In a store, the focus has to be on the products.  Having a fancy site, however well designed, distracts from what you want shoppers to do, which is buy.   Given that, we wanted the back end to be streamlined, with as few obstacles in the way of making a purchase as we could manage.

A redesign of the site has been planned for a while, and we have finally been able to make it happen.  The content of the site is still the same.  The front end contains information about the products we offer and helpful tools that will assist you in getting the most from your EnMart products.  The back end, which you can reach by clicking the “Shop EnMart” button on any page of the front end of the site,  allows you to purchase any EnMart products through our secure shopping cart.

We’re think our new design is a good one and we’re proud to share it with all of you.  As always if you have any suggestions for things we could add to our site or improvements we could make,  please share them here in the comments section or contact us to share your thoughts.

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8th September 2008

The Winning Contest Entry

As I said in last Friday’s NewsBites e-mail, today we will be showcasing the winning contest entry in our How to Ruin Your Embroidery contest.

The winning entry was from Judy Alderden at Design in Stitches.   Her tip is simple but timely.  Here’s what she had to say:

While some customers love to chat, ask for “just a moment” while programming your design into the machine so you don’t run the design upside down or use the wrong color sequence :(  Been there, done that – just today.

Congratulations, Judy. You win a Best 24 Kit in either poly or rayon, your choice.

Stay tuned for additional contests in the near future.  You can find out about contests here on this blog, or in the EnMart NewsBites e-mail newsletter.  If you are not currently on on mailing list,  you can contact one of our customer service representatives and ask to be added to our database.

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8th May 2008

EnMart in the News

Recently news about EnMart has been popping up in major machine embroidery magazines and online.   I thought today would be a good day to share some of these EnMart sightings with all of you.

Impressions Magazine had a great round-up of the latest thread innovations from major thread manufacturers.  I’m proud to say EnMart was included in this article.  One item the article noted was the sheen of our polyester thread.  In side by side comparisons, many machine embroidery thread users are unable to tell the Iris polyester thread from the Iris rayon thread.  If you’ve been using rayon thread because of the deeper sheen,  you may want to try our Iris polyester thread.   Our polyester thread is now conveniently bundled in thread palettes, making it less expensive to test out some new colors.

Our new Reno shipping facility has also been getting some press.  Stitches mentioned the opening of the facility on April 24.  Impressions covered the Reno facility on April 28.   We are confident the Reno facility will be very convenient for our West Coast customers, so it is nice that the word about the facility is getting out.

One of the things that makes me most proud is seeing our commitment to education, value and service in print.  Impressions Magazine helped publicize that commitment on March 28.   Stitches helped us express our core values on March 20.    Obviously, our main goal is to sell product, if we can’t do that we won’t be in business long.  Where our commitment comes into play is in the products we sell and how we choose to work with and for our customers.  EnMart is committed to offering you the best products we can, and we’re committed to helping you use those products in as productive and profitable a manner as possible.  Like the magazines mentioned in this post, we want to be another resource, not just for supplies, but for information and assistance. 

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23rd April 2008

West Coast Warehouse

I know that Wednesday is usually devoted to business tips, but I’m going to suspend that policy this Wednesday because EnMart has an exciting announcement.  

Back in March I updated you on the status of our West Coast shipping facility.  At that time I told you that we had decided to consolidate our West Coast shipping in one location, Reno, Nevada.  There were a lot of reasons why we decided to consolidate our shipping of West Coast orders in one location, the main one being that Reno also gave us more access to the Western states.  Consolidating our shipping to the West Coast in one place also made it easier for us to manage staffing and inventory levels. It just made sense to have Reno as our western shipping hub.

For those of you who live on the West Coast and in the western states,  I am proud to announce that the Reno shipping facility is now online.  All thread and embroidery accessories ordered by anyone in the Mountain or Pacific time zones will now be shipped from the Reno facility.  Blank and Ntrans orders will most likely ship from the Michigan facility, as those items have design and manufacturing needs, and thus have a longer turn around time.  Our goal is to ship as many orders placed by businesses on the West Coast and in the Western States from our Reno facility as possible.

When you place an order with us, you will still proceed as you usually would.  If you order online, your order will be routed to the proper shipping facility, based on the content of that order.  If you place a telephone order, the same thing will happen.   The only difference you will see is the location from which your order is shipped.

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27th March 2008

MyThreadBox Conversion Software

EnMart is proud to introduce My ThreadBox, a unique software program that gives you the ability to color match and cross reference thread colors.  The thread color palettes of most major thread manufacturers are included in this software package.

EnMart offers two versions of My ThreadBox.  The first version is called My ThreadBox Free for Iris Thread.  This version of the software is completely free of charge and can be easily downloaded from our web site to your computer.  My ThreadBox Free has been customized so you can easily cross reference any of the major thread manufacturer’s thread brands to the Iris Thread colors.  In order to use the software, all you have to do is click the link and follow the instructions.  Once the software has been installed on your computer, all you have to do is enter the color number and manufacturer of the thread you want to match and My ThreadBox Free will provide the closest Iris matches.

The second version of My ThreadBox  is the full version of the software.  This version of the software cross references all major thread manufacturers thread against each other.  If you are looking to cross reference Madeira thread against Robison-Anton thread, this is the software for you.   To order, simply click the add to cart button, and pay for your order as you normally would.  A CD with the full version of the software will be sent to you.  Once you receive the CD you can install the full version of My ThreadBox on your computer.

The beauty of both versions of My ThreadBox is that you don’t have to try to match thread across thread charts, in uncertain light, or when your eyes are already tired.  To get a match, simply select the manufacturer and color number of the thread you currently use.  If you’re using the Free version , the software will supply the closest Iris matches.  If you’re using the Full version, you will have to select the manufacturer to whom you want to convert as well.

Take the strain and time out of making thread matches by allowing My ThreadBox to do the work for you.   Download or order your software today. 

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13th March 2008

West Coast Warehouse Update

I just wanted to take a moment to update those of you on the West Coast about our plans for a West Coast shipping facility.   Originally we had planned to ship both from our California and Reno locations.  After plotting the logistics and examining inventory and staffing levels, we determined that it would make more sense to use our Reno location as the central shipping point for the Western half of the country. 

 We are currently in the process of stocking the Reno facility with product and developing procedures for filling and processing orders.  This phase of the operation should, hopefully, be concluded fairly quickly.   Once that is done, we will put the Reno facility online and ship the majority of the West Coast Orders we receive from that facility. 

All thread and assorted products will ship from the Reno facility to our West Coast customers.  Blanks and Ntrans orders may ship from the Michigan facility, and will have a longer ship time, as those items must often be created.   Our goal is to turn around all orders for thread and other supplies on the same day.  Items that require more work than simply being pulled from the shelves will require a longer shipping time. 

If you would like to be notified when the Reno facility is online and ready to ship, please contact us  and we will be happy to e-mail you when shipping from that facility is available.

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19th November 2007

EnMart NewsBites

A few weeks ago, I sent out the first of what will be a series of twice monthly e-mails.  These e-mails, called EnMart NewsBites, are designed to give you information about our company and our products in short bursts.  NewsBite e-mails generally contain three items, and will direct you to different aspects of this blog, our store and our website which we think will be of interest to you.

Today’s EnMart NewsBite e-mail contained the following information:

  • Links to a blog post about working with metallic thread.  The e-mail also directed those who received it to a blog post about selecting the right needle.  If you have questions about how to use a particular product, or would like tips on how to get the most from the products you buy, please contact us and we will get a blog post written on the subject.
  • A question referencing a post I wrote earlier in the month asking what magazines people read.  I expanded it in the e-mail to include the web sites that people visit as well.
  • A link to an article on our web site detailing how Hilos Iris and EnMart are setting the benchmark for other thread manufacturers.

If you did not receive this e-mail and would like to be included in future mailings,  leave a comment here or contact me, and I will add you to the list.

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