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Business Tips Wednesday: Taxes and Your Business

16th April 2008

Business Tips Wednesday: Taxes and Your Business

In honor of Tax Day, which was yesterday, I know, I thought this Business Tips post should deal with taxes and your business.   Paying your taxes on time and paying the right amount are very important.  When you’re employed by someone else, determining how much you have to pay can be pretty easy.  When you own your own business and employ yourself, paying taxes can get a bit more complicated.  Luckily, there are some resources available to help you figure your taxes out.

 The IRS offers the Small Business and Self Employed One Stop Resource, which has information about deductibles, what is required of people who are self-employed, and tips for filing your taxes.   You can also find Tax Information for Businesses on the IRS website.  The website Entrepeneur.com also offers a great tax information section.

Some people who own a small business may decide that taxes are too important a matter and should be handled by someone who is an expert in tax preparation and accounting.  If you would like to hire an accountant, you can search for experts in your area using this website.  The National Society of Accountants website also offers a search function.

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