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Bobbins and Backing and Canned Air, Oh My!

29th July 2008

Bobbins and Backing and Canned Air, Oh My!

When a company offers a wide variety of products it is sometimes easy to focus on only one or two. In our case we tend to focus on the Iris thread, both because we think it is one of the best threads available and because we know that every embroiderer needs thread. Still, when we talk only about the thread, we neglect a wide variety of fine products that EnMart also offers for sale.

Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about those other products. I’ll start with our backing. EnMart offers cutaway, tearaway, water soluble, peel and stick and poly mesh backing. Our backing is available in a variety of sizes and, in some cases, in both black and white.

EnMart also offers bobbins through our online store. We offer both Style L and Style M as well as bobbin cases.

Our EnMart store also carries a wide variety of embroidery accessories. If you need Spot Lifter or Tacking Spray, we have it. We also offer seam rippers, thread clippers and scissors. You can also find oil for your embroidery machine and tools for fixing that machine in this section.

While you’re visiting our store you should also check out the MyThreadBox software. The full version of this software cross references the threads from all the major manufacturers. If you need to do a thread conversion from one manufacturer to another, MyThreadBox can be a great help.

As always, if there is something you don’t see on our site that you think we should offer, please do let us know. You can contact any of our customer service representatives or leave a note on the comments for any post on this blog.

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