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Blank Patches – Made to Order

12th August 2010

Blank Patches – Made to Order

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I think, today,  we’ll start off with a fairy tale.

Once upon a time,  there was a magical warehouse filled with every size and color of blank patches you could imagine.  The shelves rose high into the air,  but the ceiling was always magically higher.  The warehouse expanded as new sizes and color combinations were added, and was always just exactly the right size.   The keepers of the inventory had a magic mirror that let them see exactly where each shape and color combination was in the warehouse,  and new size and color combinations were added quickly to the shelves by little elves who did nothing but stock inventory.    A crystal ball allowed for accurate forecasting of blank patch orders,  so that there was never too little and never too much of any size and color combination.   The warehouse was an enchanted place where all the blanks sat tidily on their shelves and the right size and color combination was always available when necessary.

While that story is a nice one,  it isn’t how things work outside of fairy tales.  In the real world, in order to keep costs down,  and to eliminate the need to have an entire warehouse just for blank patches,  EnMart makes our custom blank patches when an order is placed. At last count we sold blank patches in thousands of size and color combinations.   Just stocking the possibilities for one size blank would take up shelves and shelves of space.    Making our blank emblems to order allows us to provide the best product to our customers while still offering an economical price.

This means that, when you place an order for blank patches,  you should allow one to two days for manufacturing time in addition to transit time after the order is shipped.   Our turnaround time is one of the fastest in the industry,  and the additional time for the blanks to be made is usually quite short,  unless the order being placed is for a large amount.  In those cases,  turnaround times will be longer.

If you have any questions about turnaround times or our blanks patches,  you can feel free to contact us at any time.   We will be happy to advise you about production schedules,  potential turn time for your order and how best to ship the order to get it to you in the time frame in which it is needed.

As always,  our goal is to provide the best product possible to our customers at a reasonable price.  For now,  until we get a magical warehouse and some inventory stocking elves,  making blanks to order is the best way we can find to do just that.

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