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Blank Patch FAQ

8th December 2011

Blank Patch FAQ

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One of the most popular items EnMart sells is blank patches,  which are manufactured by our parent company Ensign Emblem.    We offer our blank emblems in hundreds of color and size combinations,  and they are used for embroidery,  sublimation and screen printing.    A blank patch from EnMart is a versatile item,  but there are always questions to be asked about how to use them to the greatest benefit.  Today I thought I’d do a blank patch FAQ and answer some of the questions we get most often.

Q1.  How do I embroider a patch? – Instructions on how to embroider a single blank patch can be downloaded from our website.  If that is not enough information,  you can also give us a call and we’ll connect you to one of our embroidery experts who should be able to help.

Q2.  What are your patches made of? –  All patches sold by EnMart are made with 100% polyester fabric and 100% polyester merrow thread.   They are designed to withstand an industrial wash and dry.

Q3.  What can I do with your patches? – Blank patches can be used for embroidery and screen print.  Because they are 100% polyester,  they are also suitable for sublimation.

Q4.  How soon will my patch order ship? – As we’ve said in the past,  all blank patches from EnMart are made to order.   Most patch orders turn in two to three days.   Larger orders may take more time.    You also should take shipping time into account when planning your order.

Q5.  Where do your patches ship from? –  The majority of our blank patch orders ship from the Michigan facility.   On occasion, blank patches may ship from one of the other EnMart locations, but that is determined on a case by case basis.

Q6.  I need a specific size or shape and I can’t find it on your website,  what do I do? – The sizes and shapes of the blank patches on our website are the ones that are most popular.  If you need a size and can’t find it on the site,  give us a call.   We may have the size or shape you need.

Q7.  You offer two types of patch backing,  what’s the difference? –  Heat seal backing is designed to be sealed to a garment with a heat press.  It is high melt laminate,  and cannot be sealed successfully with an iron.   Sew on backing has no laminate and is designed to be sewn on the garment.   Heat seal patches can also be sewn on as well,  and the laminate will not melt if exposed to the temperatures of a standard wash and dry,  so if you’re unsure of whether or not you want to heat seal or sew on your patch,  heat seal backing is probably the better choice.

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  1. 1 On December 8th, 2011, Tom Chambers said:

    To add a couple of things to the post, regarding:
    Q2 – Patch blanks are cut out of stacked sheets of layered and laminated material (that we also make up) in an appropriately sized die (we have over 500 sizes) and a hydraulic press.
    Q5 – We have over 500 dies in stock in our Michigan facility; the other locations have only the most common standard sizes.

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