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Backing Available at Closeout Prices

18th November 2008

Backing Available at Closeout Prices

As any machine embroiderer knows, one of the keys to a quality finished product is the backing that is used in the creation of the embroidery.  Whether you’re using cutaway backing or tearaway backing or embroidering single emblems using peel and stick backing as a base,  the end product will be effected by the quality of the backing that you use.

EnMart is proud to offer what we feel is some of the finest backing in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for water soluble topping, peel and stick, tearaway, cutaway or poly mesh backing, you can find what you need at EnMart.  We are also currently offering some of our backing on sale.  In an effort to clear out some inventory to make room for additional incoming backing, we have put the following backing types on sale at clearance prices.

2.5 Oz. Soft-N-Stable Cutaway – 6×6 – 500 pcs per pack –  This backing has excellent stability, is easy to hoop and has a soft feel against the skin.

2.5 Oz. Universal Cutaway – 15 x 15 – 500 pcs per pack – If you’re stitching larger designs, this backing is ideal.  It is washable and suitable for dry cleaning.

2.0 Oz. Tearaway/Washaway – 15 x 15 – 500 pcs. per pack –  This backing washes away, leaving the garment soft and free from backing.   It also offers superior stitch performance on high stitch count designs.

The closeout prices will only last until all the backing of these types in inventory is cleared.  If you want to take advantage of these sale prices on backing, I’d recommend making a purchase soon.

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