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And the Crickets Chirp

19th June 2015

And the Crickets Chirp

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crickets chirpingI’ve never been sure why crickets chirping is supposed to be a sound that signifies silence and nothing happening.   There’s a cricket that lives in my garage on occasion and having him around is anything but quiet.    In any case,  crickets chirping is an accepted symbol for places where a long silence has settled,  so it seems appropriate for this blog,  which has been silent most of this year so far.   For that I apologize.    I do see some light at the end of this tunnel though.  Even though we’re now halfway through the year  I figure we can still salvage 2015.     I just need a plan.   And,  possibly,  the help of those who read this blog.

First,  the plan.

When I started this blog,  I tried to write a post several times a week.    I was building a blog and an audience,  so it made sense to do it that way back then.   Plus,  when we started,  there was an entire new company and a lot of new products to introduce,  so I had blog post fodder for years.  Now,  8 years into this blog journey,   my responsibilities have expanded,  my available time has shortened,  and producing a post several times a week isn’t really feasible.   So the schedule needs to be more reasonable and achievable.    I’m thinking two posts a week is reasonable,   with an optional Friday Blog Round-Up twice a month.   That’s a total of 10 posts in an average month,  and I think that’s a reasonable and attainable goal to set.

Now,  the question is what those 8 posts a month should be.   Sometimes, of course,  I’ll talk about what we’re doing here,  new products were introducing,  changes we’re making,  whatever we’re doing to make EnMart a more attractive company from which to buy and with which to work.   I’m going to call those posts – EnMart Extras,  since they’ll be little extra glimpses into what we’re doing.   I also know that posts about how to use our products or how to approach a particular job are always useful,  so I think I’ll start another series of posts called “How Do I?”  – which will deal with exactly that,  how to do or use something applicable to the garment decoration business.   I’d also like to,  when possible,  open this blog to the voices of other people in our industry,  and I think we’ll call those Wisdom Wednesday posts,  which will appear,  naturally, on Wednesday.  Finally,  since it is my particular bailiwick,   I’d like to resurrect Marketing Mondays,  which is when we’ll talk about social media,  marketing and selling.   Obviously,  every category won’t appear every week,  but I’ll try to post something new at least twice a week,  with an optional third post,  a Friday Blog Round-Up,  every other week.

So, that’s the plan,  EnMart Extras,  Wisdom Wednesday,  Marketing Mondays,  and How Do I posts,  two a week,  every week.   In order to meet this goal,  however,  I will need help from the readers of this blog.    The first bit of help I need is suggestions.   What would you like to read about on Marketing Monday?   What burning How do I question has been churning through your brain?   What person in the industry would you like to see writing a Wisdom Wednesday post?  Share you suggestions here or with me on Facebook or Twitter.

The second bit of help I need is reading and commenting.   One of the drawbacks of writing a blog post or an article that people rarely talk about is how lonely it can be.   You craft your work,  and try to create something worthy of someone else’s attention,  and then all you hear is silence.   So,  I’m asking you to take a few moments to read and comment when you see something new on this blog.   I promise to do my best to make it worth spending time here.   I hope you’re willing to allow a bit of your time to be spent.


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  1. 1 On June 19th, 2015, Lezley said:

    I was not aware of your blog, but I will certainly follow now. The issue I often have with other blogs is that they are sometimes SOOOOO LOOOOONG that I just don’t have time. I need ideas and product info, but in short, quick bites. Since I haven’t read your recent posts, I hesitate to make subject suggestions. I do have one question I haven’t found anywhere….. do you (like me) find that white thread sews differently than colored thread? If so, why?

  2. 2 On June 23rd, 2015, kristine said:

    Hi Lezley,

    I have had people tell me that white thread does sew differently than colored thread and I have a few ideas as to why, but I want to talk to some people more expert than I am before I write a post about it. So this question goes on the agenda, and I’ll answer it in a post soon. Thank you for asking!

  3. 3 On June 26th, 2015, Tom said:

    The main reason *(usually) that colors sew differently than white has to do with the dye. Simply put, darker colors require more and darker dye pigments, which can slightly affect the sewing of the thread. There is a second related reason however that can cause darker colors to sew worse at times, and that has to do with re-dying. Re-dying is a practice engaged in by many thread manufacturers (Iris Thread is among the few who do NOT do this) wherein a dye lot of a thread color is off from what it is supposed to be, so they re-dye it a much darker color (usually black). Since dyeing subjects the thread to a lot of heat and pressure, re-dying can weaken the thread and slightly change its properties.

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