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Adding to the Inventory

23rd September 2010

Adding to the Inventory

It always starts with a meeting.

We’re sitting around the table in the conference room discussing whatever the subject of the meeting is,  and someone makes a segue and suddenly we’re discussing adding some new product to the EnMart inventory.   What the product is doesn’t really matter,  it’s the discussion that counts.  Suddenly we’re ranging over a list of the pros and cons of adding this new product or category of products and then, inevitably, it happens.  Someone says the magic words “You should really put this on the blog”.   You can also substitute the words “the forums”, or “Twitter” or “Facebook”  in place of “blog”  but the intent of all the suggestions is the same.

We want to know what you think.

The question we would like your thoughts on today is one of what new items we should add to the EnMart inventory.  One thing we’re considering is rhinestones and associated rhinestone equipment and supplies.  I’ll be honest,  we don’t know a great deal about rhinestones at this point,  but we’re smart people and we learn fast.  Rhinestones also seem like a logical addition to our inventory, since we already offer a lot of garment decoration supplies.  We may think adding rhinestones is a logical progression for our inventory,  but what I’m more interested in is what you all think.  Would our lack of experience in the use of rhinestones concern you?  Would having rhinestones among our product offerings make us more of a one stop shop?

Another inventory category we want to expand is scissors.  I know some people prefer one brand over another,  but I’ve never quite understood why.  I also know there are certain types of specialty scissors that people like to use,  but I’m not sure what they all are.    If we were to beef up our inventory of scissors what types would you like to see us add and why?   Are there particular brands you think we should carry?

Finally,  I wanted to touch on thread for a moment.   Specialty thread is something we contemplate adding on a regular basis but, other than colored metallic and variegated we haven’t expanded our specialty thread inventory any further.  We do get asked occasionally for Fire Retardant thread and glow in the dark thread,  so those might be specialty thread options to consider.   What I’m wondering is if there is any other type of specialty thread that we should contemplate adding to our inventory.   Color changing thread?  Variegated metallic thread?  What would you like to see us add?

As always,  we value the input from our customers and fans.  If there is something you would like to see us carry, please do make a suggestion.  We do listen and we do take your suggestions into account when we’re planning inventory updates.

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