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About Iris Thread

6th April 2011

About Iris Thread

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Every day, when I sit down to write a post,  I spend a few minutes thinking about my topic.   Today I was thinking about doing a post on Iris thread,  when I realized that I wasn’t sure there was anything I hadn’t already said.    I talked in a post last week about a nice compliment that was made about our metallic thread.  I wrote about our awesome merrow floss in February.   EnMart’s lovely accent threads were discussed back in December.

Those posts are just about our accent threads.   When it comes to Iris Rayon and Polyester,  the list of thread related subjects I’ve covered is pretty long.    I’ve discussed 5 reasons why we use Iris Thread.    I’ve talked about making thread conversion easier with EnMart’s Dynamic Dozen.   One blog post covered the fact that Iris Thread has 300 colors from which to choose,  all the colors of the rainbow and then some.   I also wrote a post about the fact that the thread colors are just plain pretty.   I’ve even gotten goofy and suggested 5  reasons not to switch to Iris thread.

If you lined up all the words I’ve written about Iris Thread over the last few years,  you could probably stretch a good way across the country by now.    There may be very few people who have read all those words,  but if you have,  you’ll notice that a few common themes keep popping up.   Iris Polyester Thread is durable.   Iris Rayon Thread is rayon like they used to make it.   Iris Thread, both rayon and poly, is colorful and offers a great shine.  Iris Thread is a thread priced to fit your budget,  and its ability to run smoothly in your machine will save you production time.

Clearly,  I written a lot about Iris Thread,  which stands to reason as it is one of the premiere products EnMart sells,  but words are only half the story.   The proof is in the test run.  If you’ve been considering Iris Thread,  but haven’t given it a try yet,  contact us and we’ll be glad to send you a sample to test.

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