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A Quick Response

28th December 2009

A Quick Response

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blue-clockI hate waiting.  I’m not a good at waiting, and I’m not terribly patient.  I’m also generally extremely punctual if not pathologically early when I’m expected to be somewhere, so waiting for other people tends to make me annoyed.  This particularly happens if, as is the case today, I really need something and I’m having to wait for it to be delivered.

Because I understand that annoyance of having to wait for something, be it product you need to use for a job or an answer to a question, I try to ensure that EnMart responds quickly to both inquiries and orders. My goal is to turn things around in an hour or less. Like any business, we’ve discovered that isn’t always feasible or possible, but it still remains our goal.

Another of our goals is to have all our locations fully stocked, so that we can send out the product you need the moment you need it, from the location closest to you. Right now this is still a work in progress. We’re still experimenting with stocking levels and figuring out what is the optimum level of which products to have in each location. Rest assured, if you order something from us once and it has to come from a location that isn’t the most convenient for you, that is the only time such a thing will happen. From that point on, we’ll make sure that the location closest to you is fully stocked with whatever you ordered. Exceptions to this will, of course, be things that are manufactured on demand or only manufactured at one location.

We are always open to suggestions about what we could do to provide better and faster customer service and order fulfillment. If you have a comment or suggestion for us, please leave it on this blog, contact us through our Twitter Feed, of e-mail me at kristine dot shreve at myenmart dot com.

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