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A Patch is Just a Patch (Or Is It?)

20th December 2010

A Patch is Just a Patch (Or Is It?)

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When it comes to blank patches,  a lot of people might think that one is much like another.   Some people might tell you that it doesn’t matter where the blank comes from because there isn’t that much variation in the materials and techniques used to create the patch.     We, obviously,  would beg to differ.

EnMart’s parent company has been making blank patches for 36 years.   In that time,  we’ve made a lot of patches for a very tough audience,  industrial laundries.    These laundries,  quite literally,  but the patches Ensign Emblem makes through the wringer,  and through an industrial wash and dry as well.   An average patch wouldn’t hold up under this environment.   The patches that Ensign makes and EnMart sells do.

Our blank patches are made with 100% polyester fabric,  which is durable,  colorfast and can be embroidered, screen printed or sublimated.   The merrow thread, used to create the colorful borders for the patches, is manufactured by Hilos Iris,  and is colorfast and washfast.   The heat seal backing on our patches is industrial strength,  so the patches bond with the fabric and stay where they’re put.   These patches are meant to last for the long haul,  not the short term.

EnMart’s patches are also perfect for whatever user you have for them.   The 100% polyester fabric makes them ideal for sublimation.   The variety of colors and sizes available makes it easy to coordinate patch and thread colors to create a pleasing embroidery patch.   Our blank patche sizes range from a tiny rocker,  to a huge back patch,  so you’re sure to find a size and shape that fits your needs.   Best of all,  you’ll get a blank patch with quality construction,  one that you can be sure will hold well to whatever is thrown at it.

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