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A New, Lower Price on Mini King Cones

26th October 2011

A New, Lower Price on Mini King Cones

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EnMart is pleased to announce we have reduced the price on our 1100 yard Iris UltraBrite mini king cones.  These cones of Iris Thread still offer the same great color,  terrific shine and will run smoothly and with minimal thread breaks in any commercial or home embroidery machine.  The only thing that has changed is the price,  which has been reduced to $2.35 per cone.

Iris UltraBrite Polyester Thread is known for its shine,  which is courtesy of the Dupont trilobal polyester fibers used in the thread construction,  and for it’s strength.   The thread runs smoothly in both commercial and home embroidery machines,  and generally has very few thread breaks.    The high tenacity and low elongation also eliminate looping.   Iris poly thread is durable enough to withstand an industrial wash and dry yet offers enough colors to be suitable for your most delicate and colorful embroidery.

The 1100 yard mini king cones are an ideal size if you want to try a new color or add colors that you will only use rarely to your existing inventory.  The high quality of Iris thread allows it to be used at very high machine speeds to embroider leather, jackets, towels, hats, caps, bags, and more, with any monogram, decoration, or other embroidery design.   If you’re looking for high quality in a thread that allows for high production rates,  look no further than Iris thread.

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