13th April 2011

A Few Ideas

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As often happens around the EnMart offices,  lately we’ve been discussing some ideas for new products or services that we think it would be a great thing to offer to our customers.   We know,  of course,  that the people who ultimately determine if our ideas are great or not is you,  the people who purchase our products and use our services.    Given that,  I wanted to share a few of our ideas with you, and see what you all think.

Idea #1:  Chenille thread – We’ve been asked about this type of thread enough that we decided it was worth investigating further.   There is a possibility that we will be adding chenille thread, along with athletic felt and scrim felt to our product lines.   What I want to know is how many of you out there already use chenille thread,  and how many of you would be interested in using it if we sold it.

Idea #2: A new trade show – We exhibit at a lot of trade shows every year,  and it always seems there’s one spot in the U.S. where we’d like to exhibit but which doesn’t have a show.  Rather than wait for someone to set up a show, we’re thinking of helping to create a show ourselves with some of our industry partners.   This would be a show on the order of a DAX or NNEP type show,  and we’re currently looking at a spot in the NorthEast,  maybe Foxwoods Casino in CT,  as a venue.   My question to you is would you be interested in attending a show in that location?  Are there other spots in the U.S. that you feel would be ripe for an embroidery and sublimation trade show?

Idea #3:  FR Supplies – EnMart has talked about FR supplies in the past and we do currently offer FR backing for children’s clothes, as well as Proban.   There are, however,  addtional FR supplies we could be offering.   We could, for instance,  offer FR blank patches.   EnMart is also looking into adding FR thread to our thread offerings.   FR fabric sheets would also be a possibility.    If we were to offer an expanded line of FR supplies,  how many of you would be interested in that line?

As with everything we discuss and every product we add to our store,  the motivating force behind our actions is you, our customers.   We’d love to know what you think of the ideas that I mentioned above.  Please leave us a comment here, or you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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  2. 2 On April 20th, 2011, P.McClain said:

    I think a show at Foxwood would be great, We definately need and should have some sort of Trade show that will bring in more than the average 250 people to a 15 Vendor New England Trade show. What Better place than Foxwoods? You guys are right on Track.
    Please sign me up, I hope this will be a GO.

    Prestine McClain

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