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A Commitment to Excellence

14th December 2009

A Commitment to Excellence

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istock_000003281420smallThere are a lot of things that make me proud to be a part of the EnMart team.  I work with a lot of great, smart, talented people who care about making this company the best it can be.   We have a lot of knowledgeable staff who are eager to share their knowledge with anyone who needs help and assistance.  EnMart has formed alliances with terrific partners, Hilos Iris, QST and Sawgrass to name a few,  who have the same commitment to excellence and customer service that we do.   We’re constantly working on ways to do things better and faster and differently.  This is a company that will never rest on its laurels.

If you’re wondering why I’m suddenly waxing poetic about the place where I work, it’s because I’m fired up after last week’s EnMart Summit.  We brought all the sales people and all but one of the customer service staff to our corporate headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.  Even in the midst of a week long snowstorm, our suppliers managed to be with us, via computer if not in the flesh, and we all learned a lot about EnMart, the products we sell, and how we can all work together to make this company even greater than it is now.

This was not a “company training session” in Aruba, where every lies in the sun, drinks too much and takes embarassing pictures which will somehow end up in the company newsletter.  This was an educational seminar, where our salespeople and CSRs learned more about the products we sell.  Our theory is a sales and customer service staff that is well trained is a team that can help our customers more accurately and more efficiently.   The more we know, the better able we will be to assist you when you have a special need or a question.  The time that we spend training now is time you won’t have to spend waiting for an answer later.

A lot of companies say they have a commitment to excellence and customer service, but not all of them put their time, their personnel and their money where their mouth is.   We do.  Our goal is to provide the best, most informative and efficient shopping experience for our customers that we possibly can, and we’re willing to put our time and company funds into the mix to make that happen.

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