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5 Reasons Why We Use Iris Thread

15th December 2010

5 Reasons Why We Use Iris Thread

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I’m sure anyone who has ever been on an embroidery forum has seen the following question asked at least once.  “What machine embroidery thread do you use and why?”  is a pretty common question.   New embroiderers are often looking for advice on what thread to use.  Experienced embroiderers may be dissatisfied with their current thread and looking for an alternative.  Everyone likes to hear from those who have actually used a product before they try that product themselves.

One of the reasons that EnMart sells Iris thread,  actually one of the reasons that EnMart was formed, is because our parent company uses Iris thread.   Our parent company, Ensign Emblem,  has tried pretty much every thread manufactured over its 36 year history,  and has very exacting standards for the thread the company uses.  Iris thread passed all our tests with ease.

Since I’m guessing some of you will have the same sort of tests that we have,  I thought it might be useful to go into some of the reasons that we use Iris thread.   Hopefully, our experience will help you decide whether Iris thread is right for you.

Reason 1:  The color - Both Iris UltraBrite Polyester and Iris Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon are available in 300 vibrant shades.    From stormy grays to pure pastels to a black and white that are really black and white,  Iris Thread has a complete color palette available.    All you have to do is take a look at an Iris thread chart, and you’ll easily see that Iris has a glorious selection of colors.

Reason 2:  The durability – Our parent company creates emblems and garments for industrial laundries,  in other words, primarily uniforms.  The garments and patches are subjected to an industrial wash and dry, which is harsh.  The thread has to resist fraying and hold its color.  Iris UltraBrite Polyester passes these tests with ease.  This thread is tough!

Reason 3:  The price – Iris thread isn’t the cheapest thread on the market,  but it’s not the most expensive either.  The thread is priced reasonably,  and with quantity discounts, like EnMart’s Dynamic Dozen program,  you can save money on the colors you use most often.

Reason 4:  The run test – Thread that breaks, snarls or birdnests is thread that slows down production.  Iris thread is designed to run smoothly in all major embroidery machines.   It is also designed to avoid breaks and other common thread issues.   Provided your settings and tensions are correct for your machine,  you shouldn’t have many issues that will cause production stops with this thread.

Reason 5:  The customer service – Hilos Iris has always been very responsive to us and we, in turn,  have extended that responsiveness to our EnMart customers.  Most orders are shipped same day.  When you call us,  you’ll get a live person,  not a recording saying your business is very important to us.    We know there are a lot of places where you can buy thread.  Our goal is to make sure that no one provides you the products and service you need better than we do.

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