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5 Reasons to Follow EnMart on Facebook and Twitter

13th December 2010

5 Reasons to Follow EnMart on Facebook and Twitter

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Many of you probably already know that EnMart has a Facebook page and a Twitter Feed.  Like most companies who use these tools are part of their Marketing program, we’re always eager for more people who like us, really like us.  While,  I’m, not, and never have been, a participant in the social media popularity contest,   I do want to reach as many interested people as possible.  Plus,  there are some advantages to liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.   Today I thought I’d explain what a few of those advantages are.

Advantage 1:  Be the first to know about specials and sales – We do send out e-mails announcing specials and sales,  but I like to reward those who follow us by giving them advance notice.  Twitter and Facebook are also where I test out ideas for future specials or sales.   If you want to influence what sort of specials EnMart offers, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and give me your opinion.

Advantage 2:  Be the only one to know about a special or sale – We do occasionally do a Twitter only or Facebook only special.   If you’re not following us,  you won’t know when one of those specials is occurring and you’ll miss out on the savings.

Advantage 3:  Talk to us in real time – If you talk to us on Facebook or Twitter,  we talk back.  It might not be right away,  but we usually respond to most questions of comments within a few hours at the most.    We are always interested to hear what our customers, fans and friends have to say,  so we encourage all of you to talk to us.  We do listen, and the comments you make can have an impact in our policies and product offerings.

Advantage 4: It’s educational – We talk about our products and how to use them.   We talk about ways to save money and to expand your business.  We point out other sites and businesses that could help you be more successful with your business.   One of our goals is to help our customers grow and succeed,  so we continually point the way to helpful information.

Advantage 5:  We support those who support us –  We don’t follow or friend everybody (and someday I’ll have to write a post on my Twitter and/or Facebook philosophy) but those we do follow and friend are also those we support.  If you need a RT,  someone to help spread the word,  or an answer to a query about your business,  we’re here to help.   Facebook and Twitter are communities,  and EnMart is always working to be a good citizen of those communities.

Finally,  we have a special bonus advantage:

Advantage 6:  You’ll learn more about us as people, and as a company – I’ll admit, sometimes I get a little goofy.  Whether I’m talking about dark chocolate M&Ms (my favorite snack) or taking video with my cellphone of the blizzard going on outside our offices, you’ll get to learn more about who the people at EnMart are, and how we work.   I think it’s a bit of a comfort to do business with people you know and trust,  not a faceless company.   I would guess I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

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  1. 1 On December 13th, 2010, marie said:

    Excellent post. This is a good reminder that FB and Twitter are communities of real M&M-eating people, so that doing business online is not faceless. You mentioned that someday you’d share your philosophy on friending. I’ll look forward to that!

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