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4 Sources of Inspiration

23rd June 2009

4 Sources of Inspiration

inspirationI would guess that almost every business owner, at one time or another, has suffered from a lack of inspiration.  Maybe the question to be answered was where the business would go next.  Perhaps it involved adding a new product or service.  Maybe the lack of inspiration was impacting the Marketing or Advertising plans.   Whatever the issue,  I would bet that almost everyone has faced this problem at some point or another.   If lack of inspiration is a current problem for you, here are some ways to jump start your problem solving engine.

1. Look at what others are doing – Notice I don’t say “copy” what others are doing.  Looking to others to see how they deal with problems or how they present their products is a great way to gather options for how your company should handle the same issues.  While you’re looking, however, remember that every solution should fit your business and have your flair.  Becoming a “me too” for another company in your industry won’t benefit you at all.

2. Ask your customers – If you have a company blog, or a company account on a social media site, ask your customers what they would do or for feedback on a proposed solution to a problem.  Customers can be an invaluable source of information, and can also help you determine if a solution is right or wrong before you implement it.  Listen to what your customers have to say.  After all, your business wouldn’t exist without them.

3. Ask the experts – If you’re facing a sales problem, you might want to visit Jeffrey Gitomer.  If you have questions about running an embroidery business, you might visit T-Shirt Forums or the Small Business Administration.  Many cities and towns also have Chambers of Commerce which offer help and advice as well as a way to make connections within your community.

4. Do a web search – The web is a repository for an amazing amount of information.   Type your question intothe search engine of your choice and see what comes up.   The solution for which you are searching may only be a few mouse clicks away.

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