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4 Customer Service Tips

20th July 2009

4 Customer Service Tips

customer-serviceI’ve noticed that I always seem to write a post about good customer service when I’ve experienced bad customer service from another company.  My guess would be that I write these posts because 1) I’m frustrated and want to vent a bit and 2) experiencing bad customer service makes me think about what constitutes good customer service.  Since I’m one of the people who is responsible for customer service at EnMart, I try to learn from the customer service mistakes of others.  Here’s what I’ve learned from my most recent experience.

1. Your web site should work – If you offer changes or returns or give your customers any ability to do things through your web site, make sure that web site works.  It is very frustrating when you’re attempting to do something simple and the web site won’t allow you to do it.

2. Your customer service representatives should have current, accurate information – The people who work for you are supposed to be experts on your products and your policies.  Make sure they have the latest up to date information.  Giving the customer the run around, or sending them to one person after another who can’t answer their questions will not make for a happy customer.

3. Tell your customers what they need to know up front – If your customers need to call a special number to cancel an order, or if there are special requirements they need to meet to be eligible for a promtion, tell them that up front.  No one likes to be surprised by restrictions and details after the fact.

4. Give your reps the power to go off script – Most customer service reps and clerks have a set script to follow.  Make sure your reps know they can alter or dispense with the script as the situation requires.  It is nothing but irritating when a customer service rep who wasn’t able to help parrots “I hope I was helpful” at the end of a call.   You want CSRs who think for themselves, so give them the power to do so.

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