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Friday Blog Round – Up 6/5/15

5th June 2015

Friday Blog Round – Up 6/5/15

Yes,  I know,  the criroundup2ckets have been chirping on this blog for a while,  and I apologize for that.   Sometimes,  although the intentions are good,  things go by the wayside because other tasks demand priority.    In any case,  I want to try to get back to blogging more regularly and figured a Friday Blog Round – Up would be a good way to start.

First up,  we have a great post on punching from All Things Embroidery.    Since our parent company started in 1974,  I’ve heard stories about punching and what was involved.    I tend to find the history of embroidery and how it has evolved fascinating,  so this was a fun piece to read.

Second on the list,  Black Duck Inc.,  the home of our friend and digitizing guru Erich Campbell,  was named one of the Top Shops of 2015,  by Stitches Magazine.    Anyone who knows of Erich,  and has seen the work he and Black Duck create knows that this was a well deserved honor.   Congratulations to everyone at Black Duck for making the list.

Third at bat is a great post from Joyce Jagger about your mindset and how it impacts your business.   I love what she says about valuing your time and how changing her mindset led to increased business.    She makes a good point.   What you think impacts how you act and you also have to be wary of projecting your thoughts on to others.   Charge a fair price,  do good work,  and always value what you do and your business will prosper.   Love this post!

Fourth on the docket,  a plea from Erich Campbell,  made in his “On Links and Needles” blog that we hear every voice in the industry,  not just those who are considered to be experts.   Every voice is valuable,  and people just starting out have a different perspective and perhaps different interests than those who are years into their journey as decorators.    Everyone has something to add to the conversation,  so don’t be afraid to put your two cents in and speak your mind.

Fifth in the rotation is a post from Peter Shankman about knowing when to break the rules.    He makes a great point in this post –  when you stick to a rule and it causes you to lose more money than it would had you broken the rule,  you’ve made the wrong choice.    Good customer service means being flexible.

Finally,  I do want to try to update this blog on a more regular basis,  and suggestions for posts are always appreciated.   If there’s something you’d like me to write about,  or a particular topic you’d like this blog to cover,  please let me know.

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