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Happy New Year!

31st December 2014

Happy New Year!

happy new year2EnMart will be closed Thursday, January 1 in honor of the New Year’s Holiday.

We will return to work on Friday, January 2, 2015. 

All orders placed on Thursday, January 1 will be shipped when we return on Friday, January 2.

Happy New Year and here’s to a prosperous and creative 2015!

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26th December 2014

Friday Blog Round – Up 12/26/14

roundupSince it is the day after Christmas,  and the end of the year will be here before we know it,  I thought it might be nice to do a blog round-up and spotlight some of the great advice that’s out there.    I have to confess,  a round-up is also a great way for me to do a post without having to think of a topic.  I’m all for that today!

First up is a post from All Things Embroidery about fonts.    I sometimes think fonts are the bane of everyone’s existence.   Finding a font you like,  finding a font that works with your software,  finding a font that matches something the client saw once on Facebook three years ago,  finding the right font can be a chore and a challenge.    This post gives you some helpful vocabulary and explains a bit about the types of fonts available and how they can be used.

Next up,  I’m pimping one of my own posts,  which I don’t usually do,  but I think this one has a good message that is applicable,  particularly at this time of year when people start new things.   The post is about all those people who,  with good intentions,  will tell you not to try to follow your dreams.   My advice –  don’t listen.   You have to follow your path,  and all those people who are telling you it won’t work just don’t know what you know –  you’re willing to do your absolute best to prove that it will.

Third on the list we have a post from Retail Minded,  which details four characteristics of a great manager.    I agree with all of these,  particularly number four,  holding people accountable.   I’ve seen workplaces suffer because the rules and responsibilities aren’t the same for everyone.   I think this post details a good basic blueprint for what makes a good manager.

Fourth at bat is a post about the lending site Kiva from Tim Andrews of ASI.    I love this sort of stuff,  and I think sites like these can make such a difference.   I know, when I was struggling,  there were people who helped me out,  and I always believe we should pay that sort of help forward.  Kiva, and other sites that do similar things, are a great way to help others.   Keep in mind,  you can also pay it forward by sharing your knowledge and experience.  If you’ve had success,  share a bit of it with someone else.

Fifth on the docket is this hilarious post – told in gifs,  from Urban Threads.    The subject is Christmas crafting and it’s hilarious.   I especially like the “Hulk Smash” gif, because who hasn’t felt like that on occasion?  I know the Christmas work is probably over for most everybody now,  but I still think this is worth sharing.

Sixth in the batting order is a post from Peter Shankman about how your business can be better than everyone else’s this holiday season.   I think most of these tips apply whether it’s the holiday season or not.   I especially like the advice about knowing your customers –  since this is something I preach in regard to social media all  the time.   He also makes a really good point about the fact that customer expectations have sunk so low that just doing what’s expected can be a win.   A great deal of good food for thought here.


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23rd December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas.

EnMart will be closed on Wednesday, December 24 and Thursday, December 25, 2014 for the Christmas holiday.   We will reopen on Friday, December 26, 2014.

All orders placed on 12/24 – 12/25 will ship on Friday, 12/26 when we resume normal operations.

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